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February 6, 2024 83 mins

Markus Vogl, Professor at the University of Stuttgart, senior partner at Studio Urban Strategies and former "Walter Gropius Chair" at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina reflects on the power of social collaboration for urban transformation by retelling the story of perhaps the most impactful project in his career to date, the Biblioteca Popular La Carcova and Parque Educativo. We also discuss what the role of architecture and urbanism should look like to tackle the grand challenges that we face.

Podcast Intro/Outro Song: Starsky by Alex Keren (Check out more of his tunes over on Spotify:

0:00 Intro
1:59 Guest introduction and AM radio signals
3:36 Buenos Aires, stereotypes and Tango
8:20 The Clubes de Barrio
11:54 Early interest in Architecture and Urbanism
15:27 “Städtebau” or citymaking as interdisciplinarity
21:00 From TU Munich to TU Delft
24:11 Getting to Buenos Aires
28:07 Society, globalization and confronting reality
34:13 Biblioteca La Carcova: Prologue: The Walter Gropius Chair
39: 49 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 1 - The Canvas
42:23 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 2 - A book means freedom
45:14 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 3 - Building a place of encounter
47:11 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 4 - Gauchito Gil
49:00 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 5 - Enter Markus
51:18 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 6 - Parque Educativo
53:17 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 7 - 3000 Euros and the Pandemic
56:38 Biblioteca La Carcova: Part 8 - The Obelisco
1:01:30 The role of the architect
1:02:41 The next steps for the Parque Educativo
1:07:05 Q&A Start
1:07:33 What inspires you?
1:08:28 Key event, person, book
1:10:24 If you had a magic wand?
1:12:18 Biggest challenge in career to date
1:17:30 Time management
1:19:22 Advice for young architects
1:20:42 Where can people reach you?
1:21:50 Final Message
1:22:31 Outro

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