The Happy Hour Podcast

The Happy Hour Podcast

This is the Happy Hour Podcast. We are a new Podcast based out of the Baltimore, Maryland area. We used to be a local TV show called happy hour tv. Our show is a Mature audiences only 18+ show. We feature discussions on the following topics: Sports, Porn, Video Games, Pop Culture and whatever else we end up venturing off on.


July 25, 2023 99 mins

New Featured guest: Angel DeLuca 
This week:
We recap our Fully Fermented Recordings at Zen West
A special message from Peroni 
A Human penis is found behind a gas station.
People who have a fetish for being inside inflatable pool toys
We chat about what’s coming up with us and Full Tilt Brewing
A Zoo Director kills 4 “rare” pigmy goats and serves them at a party..
We have a new How Did We Get Here?!...

Mark as Played

Featured guest is Brad Newman 
This week:
Australian woman breaks archery world record with her feet
Czech man bites through 36 drink cans in 1 minute
Naked man held grocery store clerk hostage at gunpoint, court documents say
Dummy shoves 4-pound dumbbell in anus, needs emergency surgery 2 days later
Have you ever had to sneak a friend in or out of a crazy situation 

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July 25, 2023 93 mins

7:30pm Eastern YouTube Live! 
Featured Guest is Sarah Jessie 
This week:
What the hell is going on with M&Ms? The fired the spokes candies. Work or shoot?
A&W Parodies M&Ms
We remember those times when we would pencil fight / spoon fight & shoot each other with paper darts with a rubber band in school
A man is poisoned with rat poison at Taco Bell 
A Naked man holds grocery ...

Mark as Played
July 25, 2023 90 mins

Featured guest is Jarvis Redd
This week:
Keanu Reeves has a stalker and it’s odd 
A man is caught masturbating behind a 7 Eleven
Viral Tik Tok Artist Jarvis Redd dives into his rising fame
We findout what it’s like to grown up in a church 
Some old photos have been discovered and ray is debating on whether or not to have them returned. 
A man claims that the undead were chasing him which caused his big r...

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June 24, 2023 94 mins

Featured Guest is John Blaze
This week:
We finally get into out “How Did We Get Here” Segment
Andrew Tate was taken down by a pizza box
The Various Items that have been found stuck inside of people
Suspect accidentally sets self on fire after pouring gasoline on a business
A Worker is killed after being sucked into a plane engine.
Porn Parody Comparisons 
OH The Humanity! 
And so much more!

Mark as Played
June 24, 2023 97 mins

Featured Guests: MANY MILES AWAY Miles Schon & Michael Shapiro 
This week:
A Hippo Swallows A Child Whole
17 Year Old Shoots random people with an Orbeez Gel Blaster
A Masturbating Man is Arrested At A Coffee Shop and Wields A Pole Like Sword
Black Man Disguises himself white to commit robberies
We recap Christmas
We get into New Years Resolutions
Many Miles Away chat with us about their happenin...

Mark as Played
June 24, 2023 90 mins

Featured Guest: taylor love
This week! 
We debut our new segment called “How Did We Get Here?” 
Porn Parody Comparisons
A woman discovers she has Heinz Ketchup Packets in her small intestines 
We get into a handful on New Years Resolutions recommendations via the internet.
Ray recalls on helping sneaking a friend out of a house when he was caught with another man’s wife.
Andrew Tate, he’s a piece of shit...

Mark as Played

 Featured guest is Shay Sights! 
This week:
The Worse Christmas Gifts Ever Received by our Fans
The Great Christmas Tree Debate: White or Colored? 
Santa Is Gay, Get Over It
A Hippo Swallows an Entire Child
A Woman In Spain Stores A Box Of Sex Toys That’s Acutally Her Husbands Head 
Disturbing Photos with Santa
Smash or Dash
Porn Parody Comparisons 
OH The Humanity!
and WTF Is th...

Mark as Played
May 24, 2023 88 mins

Featured Guest is Sara Jay 
This week:
We Recap Exxxotica 
Ray has an interesting thought while giving a urine sample at the doctors.
Cocaine Filled Santa Dolls
Odd Photos with Santa
Rats steal 500K worth of marijuana 
A Man Fakes An Heart Attack To Steal Toys
Santa Visits Buffalo Wild Wongs… with Weed
OH The Humanity featuring
Never Have I Ever
Cards Against Hu...

Mark as Played
May 24, 2023 87 mins

Featured guest is Dan Ferrari
What to Expect:
Awkward photos with Santa
A Man Decapitates His Female Partner
A Man Fakes A Heart Attack to Steal Toys
An Alligator that Turns Out to be a Body
Santa Visits Buffalo Wild Wings With Weed
Rays on the road experiences with a car carrier, a truck carrying dumpsters and a car tumbling down 295 in NJ
Porn Parody Comparisons 
OH The Humanity

Mark as Played
May 23, 2023 75 mins

The HHPod’s Thanksgiving Special! 7:30pm Est.
Featured Guest: Stephanie Eild (Due to Cicumstances Beyond Our Control Our Guest Could Not Appear)
This week:
5 Bizarre Things We Are Thankful For
We are officially banned on tik tok and we share out thoughts 
We talk about the Casey Anthony Peacock Special
A Hot Dog Vendor Stabs Another Hot Dog Vendor
A Woman Stabs Her Half Brother At Thanksgiving Dinner

Mark as Played

Featured Guest Is Alexis Fawx
This week:
Elephant Dung Coffee it exists
Getting a DUI on Christmas Float
Cocaine Filled Santa Dolls
Man Gets Stabbed With Ceramic Squirrel For Not Having Beer
Crazy Relatives That Wrap Random Stuff
Awkward Photos With Santa
WTF Is That Food 
OH The Humanity 
And more!

Mark as Played

Featured Guest:
Bill Hillman
This week we dive into:
Our favorite Dog Movies
The Fiasco That Was The T Swizzle Ticketmaster Sale
Justin Bieber is afraid of Jude Judy
A Catepillar Worker Falls Into A Vat Of Molten Iron
We Dive Deep Into Bills work as an Author, Producer, & Director
WTF Is That Food 
Porn Parody Comparisons
Smash Or Dash

Mark as Played
March 23, 2023 98 mins

Featured guest is Carmen Valentina
This episode we cover:
The Death Of Twitter? 
A Boy Who “Indentifies” As An Airplane…
The Casey Anthony Peacock Special
A Russian Rides A Beer While Drinking Vodka
A Fishes Long Journey 
A Passenger With A Box Cutter Prompts Emergency Landing.
OH! The Humanity!
Never Have I Ever
WTF Is That Food
What Do You Meme

Mark as Played

Featured Guest Alison Rey
This week we chat about the following:
Forget Dancing with the Stars we will discuss what it would be like dancing with Quadriplegics 
A man asks for Porage through a mail slot
A Michigan woman is arrested for failing to scan all items at a Walmart checkout
5 Things we are thankful for… 
OH! The Humanity 
And much more

Mark as Played

FEatured Guest Tucker Lutz

This week we get into the following:
Is there Indie Style MMA like there is Pro Wrestling?
A Michigan Woman is arrested for not scanning all items at Walmart scanner. 
Sheriff Breaks up “Rumble in The Bronx Fight Club”
UFC Fighter beats up mugger so bad he begs her to call the police
5 Odd things we are thankful for 
Plus OH The Humanity which includes:

Mark as Played

Featured guest: Emma Rose
This Friday October 28th! 
YouTube Live! 7:30pm Est. 
Featured guest: Emma Rose 
This week we will discuss the following
We cover 2 topics we couldn’t get into last week
Count Chocula 
Sesame Street - The Dark Ages
A man claims he is a vampire after an assault 
A Security Guard shoots a man armed with a syringe in the face.
We get i...

Mark as Played

Featured Guest: Jess Boots
What to expect:
Jess Boots claims to be beer pong champion However Ray had one of the most legendary beer pong win streaks of all time.
We get to the bottom of the plush Mario
Maryland Urban Legends The Goatman
The E True Hollywood Story Sesame Street The Dark Ages.
Is shoving underwear in somebodies mouth during sex really hot? 
OH The Humanity
Meme that photo

Mark as Played

Featured guest: Sophia West
This week we get into the following:
Elvis impersonators and how the hell are they still a thing? 
Charles Manson once Hypnotized Danny Trejo 
Count Chocoula
The E True Hollywood Story: Sesame Street the dark ages
Maryland Urban Legends: The Snallygaster
Plus WTF is that food by Ray C Hawkings
Porn Parody Comparisons <...

Mark as Played

Reagan Foxx & Leana Lovings will be joining us to promote their new scenes “We Fuck in the Shadows & The Summoning”
They will also be taking part in our regular weekly shenanigans as well.
Along with their new scenes we will also be discussing the following:
Maryland Urban Legends: Chessie The Sea Monster
A Man claims to be a vampire after an assault
We learn about “the vampire killer” Richard Chase 

Mark as Played

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