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July 17, 2018 17 mins

Welcome to the Jodi and Jess MAD (Mom and Daughter) Podcast, designed to inspire, uplift, and add a little motivation into your busy day! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and give you an idea of the information that will be presented in our future episodes. 

The "Real Life Gilmore Girls:" we are a mom-daughter duo who are known for our incredible relationship, filled with mutual admiration and respect, with one purpose in life: helping others. We are experts in how the mind works and helping people get unstuck; we have been teaching our strategies to tens of thousands of people, around the world, for nearly 30 years now, collectively. The five words we hear most often are, "You have changed my life!" We love showing others that no matter what your circumstance is, you can learn to change the way you think, and live the life you've always dreamed of living.

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