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What’s the secret to improving someone’s health and fitness? If you listen to Chuck Runyon, it sounds a lot like the secret to good leadership: listening, empathizing, being generous with your attention, and seeing your job as helping people unlock their full potential. As the co-founder of Self Esteem Brands and the CEO of Anytime Fitness, Chuck makes all of this happen every day. It’s impressive that his company has now opened over 4,000 gyms on all seven continents (they just announced a new gym in Antarctica!). What’s even more impressive is the leadership mantra he writes about in his book “Love Work”: the 4Ps of People, Purpose, Profits and Play. In this wide-ranging interview, you’ll learn how Chuck and his business partner have built an award-winning culture that has changed the lives of his members, employees, franchisees and communities throughout the world.

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