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February 20, 2024 60 mins
In this riveting episode of The Lebenthal Report, hosts Michael and Dominick engage in a dynamic discussion covering pivotal topics such as the stock market, economy, and financial insights. Michael's cautionary notes against investor complacency, along with Dominick's perspective on the robust economy and the Federal Reserve's measured approach to interest rates, create a thought-provoking dialogue. The episode features an intriguing segment with guest Phil Blancato, a prominent figure in the financial industry, discussing both professional accomplishments and personal anecdotes. The exploration of recession impacts on the US economy and consumer spending provides valuable insights into potential challenges and the importance of rational decision-making. Additionally, the discussion on the tech market's economic impact and a detailed conversation with guest Phil Blancato about interest rates, inflation, and market manipulation further enriches this episode, offering listeners a diverse range of perspectives. Phil's predictions for the economic landscape add a forward-looking dimension, making this latest episode a must-listen for anyone seeking a well-rounded understanding of current financial dynamics and future trends during this crucial period from recession to the election. Don't miss out on this insightful and timely discussion!
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