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June 19, 2024 11 mins

Welcome to another empowering episode of The Moxie Movement Podcast! Today, we’re looking at the myths surrounding business ownership. If you’ve ever felt like the Jack (Jill) of all trades, this episode is for you. We’ll explore why trying to do it all is a recipe to get stuck and how you can shift from being the go-to for everything to mastering what truly matters in your business. 


In this episode, Sarah shares her personal journey from being overwhelmed with multiple roles to finding clarity and balance. Discover the importance of prioritizing, avoiding shiny distractions, and creating a business plan that aligns with your life and values. Learn how to navigate life’s unexpected twists without letting your business suffer, and why your well-being is crucial for business success.


Episode Highlights:


- The Jack of All Trades Myth: Understand why wearing too many hats leads to average results and how to focus on what you do best.

- Defining Business Ownership: Realize the true role of a business owner and why it’s not about doing everything yourself.

- Avoiding Shiny Distractions: Learn to prioritize what’s essential for your business growth instead of falling for the latest tools and courses.

- Creating Aligned Business Plans: Craft a business plan that resonates with your personal values and long-term goals.

- Handling Life’s Surprises: Tips on managing unexpected life changes while keeping your business on track.

- The Importance of Self-Care: Why prioritizing your health and well-being is the key to thriving in both business and personal life.


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