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April 8, 2024 12 mins

🌟 Welcome to Episode 29: Why Knowing Isn't Enough 🌟

Often, the best truths are both simple and complex - Simple to Say, often Complex to embody.

Knowing is not enough - is absolutely one of those. 

Knowing how to do something is not enough to bring about the change we desire in our lives and businesses. If it were, we would all be living perfect lives with millions in our bank accounts, wouldn't we? Let's discover what it really takes to bring about lasting change.

🔥 Episode Highlights: 🔥

We often believe understanding the 'what' and the 'how' of something should lead us to success. However, the reality is pretty different. It's not just about the actions or strategies—it's about aligning those with our deeper mental frameworks, the ones created over years of conditioning. This episode explores the crucial 80/20 rule, where 80% is your mindset, and only 20% is the actual tactics.

  • The Myth of Action: Why simply knowing what to do doesn't lead to results.
  • Mindset Over Mechanics: Learn why your inner game dictates your success far more than any strategy.
  • Real Alignment: How to sync your beliefs, values, and emotions with your business goals to effortlessly encourage action.
  • Simplicity in Execution: I'll share why simplifying processes isn't just a preference—it's a necessity for sustainable success.

🌈 Why This Matters 🌈

As smart, savvy women in business, we sometimes complicate things that could be straightforward because we're conditioned to believe that complexity equals value. Here at The Moxie Movement, we (now) know better. We're about cutting through the noise, doing the deep internal work, and making success achievable by aligning our mindset with our methods.

🎧 Listen In For 🎧

An in-depth discussion on how true business success is not just about applying the right tactics but nurturing the right mindset. I’ll also introduce tools and concepts that can transform not just your business but your life—making it more aligned with the freedom and success you truly desire.

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Until next time, keep stepping into your power and stay moxie!

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