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The Networker Zone

The ultimate podcast for networkers in direct sales, network marketing, MLM or any sales side hustle. You’ll learn the skills for the how to and the mindset to make it work. From the author of over 20 best selling books and over 25 years in the business here’s your host Keith Schreiter. To get awesome networking tips delivered directly to your inbox or for more information about books, audiobooks, online training including zooms and MasterClasses make sure and visit


April 11, 2024 13 mins

Ask if money wasn’t an object what would you do for a month
We have to make our business fun and/or enjoyable

Focus on money = desperation and forced talking to prospects

Focus on the activities that you enjoy = look forward to building and offering options

What is your favorite way to build a business

What can you do right now

The Happy Network Marketer free ebook 

Four Core Skills audio pack 


Free Magic Words for Prospe...

Mark as Played

You have to love what you do

Life is too precious we don’t know if we have tomorrow

Don’t just go after the dollar

Using the color personalities 

Let go of what doesn’t matter

Training your team

Using the prospects personality language 

Tonality matters

Upgrading the communication level

Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing book

Would it be ok for us to just have a quick chat

Horror stories of being prospected

Doing ...

Mark as Played

Pay it forward friday

Facebook live videos

People will remember you

You have a choice on your attitude

People react to how you react

Little things we don’t pay attention to make the biggest difference

Millionaire Next Door

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Network marketing is a simple business

Prospect without an intention

Paralysis of analysis

Learn to be successful being yourself

Only talk to prospects who want it

How to Build Your Netwo...

Mark as Played

Overcoming Objections book 


Master the Four Core Skill

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

How would it feel

See the picture in their mind of the future

Tagging it to an emotion

First rule of all objections is to agree

That makes sense

I understand

I experienced that too

I get where you are coming from

I appreciate your honesty

Thank you for sharing this

I can see why you would

I respect your decisions to




Mark as Played

Previous episode Getting distributors started with proper training with Bev Ashton 

Love what you do, be passionate

You never know what you’re going to get with distributors

You see their passion

Ask questions

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Facebook groups

Color Personality Training 

Live events

Recognition motivation

Using zoom from prospecting and training

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skill...

Mark as Played
Mark as Played

Big Al Leadership Series

Be the Top 1% in Network Marketing 

7 steps

1 Show up

2 Our emotional reason to do this business

3 Personal development

4 Skills

5 Hands-on experience

6 Teaching our skills to others

7 Make our successful activities a habit

MasterClass+ program 

The Happy Network Marketer 

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills

Mark as Played

14 day kick start

Schedule every that is important

Repeating schedule on your phone

We all check our notifications

Limit your non important notifications

Anchor your activity to an existing activity

“I will” statements

Be the Top 1% in Network Marketing book 

3 Easy Habits episodes

Habit 1 

Habit 2 

Habit 3 

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills

Mark as Played

Using stories for retention

Facts tell and stories sell

Believe in what you offer

Repeat the story

Connection with in person events

Networking marketing can change a prospects life

The older you get the more you value free time over money

Taking a gap year

You are in a real business and creating an asset

If you goals are important enough, you find time to build a business

Recognition and an income

Best things in life are free, but most don’t ...

Mark as Played

Don’t feel salesy, uncomfortable or intimidated

Good news, bad news

Time is your most valuable asset

Hardest part is preparing and taking off

We need to have the basic skills

What if someone asks about our business

Core Skills options

  1. The Happy Network Marketer ebook 
  2. Core Skills audios and books 

Mark as Played

Previous episode Using the Right Words and the Right Mindset with Steve Porter

14 step activity checklist

Everyday or a goal to get it completed

Just start with one


Would it be ok if you could work from home

Follow up with a thank you, reference the post

Trial and error

Use messenger

From paid to organic exposure

We can’t get any time back

Leading with value and abundance

Big Al MasterClass 

Residual income 96 ...

Mark as Played

Consistent activity is the secret

Personal development

Business building activity

12% success for one week

4% success for two weeks

Master the basic skills

Wins of the week

Mindset: Why vs How, One word reverses everything episode 

What is the worst thing that can happen

What is the best thing that can happen

Four core skills 

The Happy Network Marketer ebook 

Mark as Played

An Offer They Can’t Refuse book, ebook, audiobook

MasterClass+ schedule including a complimentary group coaching zoom 

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

If then formula

Call to action

Short and fast offers

Quizzes increase the pain

Offer what will ultimately do for them

Focus on the problem

Well you know how

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills

Mark as Played

Previous episode Sponsoring and using ‘pit stops’ 

Hope and luck is not a good plan

If you belief is not there, it’s too hard

Fast as possible to get a little result

Step 1 Hope

Step 2 Information

Step 3 Take action

Step 4 Results

We are not in sales, we are in coaching and training

If you believe your information is more to the point

Creating leaders

Go through steps and repeat

The longer you are in, the more you know...

Mark as Played

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

1 Improve fitness

2 Improve finances

3 Improve mental health

4 Lose weight

5 Improve diet

Percentage of people who lose weight and kept if off for a year 5% 1:20

Percentage of millionaires 6-8% 1:14

Percentage with $500K net worth 20% 1:5

4 times more likely to have $500K in net worth than lose weight and keep it off

What habits do you want to start this year?

3 Easy Habits for Network Marketin...

Mark as Played

Time is our most valuable asset

Habits are like routines

You don’t have to consciously think about them

Habit 1 episode

Habit 2 episode

Habit 3 episode

Be proactive, not reactive

Morning habits

Set yourself up the night before

Personal development

Skill development

Implementation not just information

How many skill can we master this year

Habit stack

Four Core Skills 

Barb Pitcock episode 


Journaling or v...

Mark as Played

Started with 99% failure

Entrepreneur mindset

Events keep you engaged

Testimonials of distributors who you can relate to

Raise your belief

Forced into leadership

Networking events

High touch is better than high tech

Having the next event planned at the event

How to Win Friends and Influence People book

Finding a way to use their name in a conversation

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills


Mark as Played

Masterclass coaching class 

Read vs listen

Read multiple time vs multiple books

Read, action, results

Set the intention

3 Easy Habits 

Implementation > information

Happy Network Marketer ebook 

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills

Mark as Played

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