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March 12, 2024 52 mins

Did you know you can work in Tech without coding skills? In this episode, Ty Smith unveils the world of reselling commercial B2B tech products and solutions. He reveals how anyone can enter this field without a college degree by partnering with tech distributors or brokers.


Ty stresses the importance of building relationships, exuding confidence, and avoiding chasing trends. He shares success stories of individuals who achieved financial freedom in the IT realm and encourages self-education through industry events.


Join Ty as he highlights the high earning potential and accessible entry into the IT industry without a college degree.

Key points discussed:

- There are opportunities for people to resell commercial B2B tech products and solutions.

- Building relationships and having confidence are key to success in this field.

- Residual income can be earned by partnering with technology services distributors.

 It takes time and effort to build a book of business and earn a living in this industry.

- Avoid the temptation of chasing after new trends and focus on your core business. Young individuals who are tech-savvy and spend a lot of time with technology may have the potential to become IT consultants.

- Early education and exposure to the IT industry can help individuals build a successful career.

- Success stories of individuals who started their own IT businesses highlight the opportunities available in the industry.

- Attending industry events and getting educated about the IT industry can lead to networking opportunities and career growth.



- 00:00 Introduction

- 02:22 Channel Sales Overview

- 04:11 Finding Opportunities

- 05:24 Getting Started

- 06:49 Sales Process

- 09:06 Success Factors

- 10:54 Selling Unique Products

- 14:08 Sales Cycle Length

- 16:28 Building Relationships

- 22:07 Challenges and Networking

- 24:59 Timeframe for Earning a Living

- 26:53 Building Residuals while Working a Day Job

- 28:17 Different Types of People in the Channel Sales Industry

- 29:42 Opportunities in the Changing Channel Landscape

- 30:29 Expenses and Investments in Channel Sales

- 33:16 Communities and Networking in Channel Sales

- 35:33 Mistakes to Avoid in Channel Sales

- 37:30 Scaling and Growing in Channel Sales

- 39:26 The Shift towards AI and Customer Experience

- 44:43 Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs in Channel Sales

- 47:30 Success Stories in the Channel Sales Industry


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