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February 13, 2024 59 mins

Jamar Jones, founder of Foureva Media, shares his journey as a rapper and entrepreneur. He discusses his high school experiences, his passion for music, and the challenges he faced in the industry. Jamar emphasizes the importance of hard work and investing in oneself. He also talks about his transition to the IT field and how his experience as a performer helped him in the workplace. Ultimately, Jamar started his own media company to help others market and promote their brands.


Key points discussed:

-Don't be afraid to pursue your passion and start from scratch.

- Invest in yourself and continuously improve your skills.

- Having a plan B can provide stability and open up new opportunities.

- Apply the lessons learned from one industry to another.

- Confidence and perseverance are key to success in any field. 

- Transitioning to entrepreneurship requires taking a leap of faith and betting on oneself.

- The first year in business can be challenging and requires perseverance and a willingness to learn.

- Building a team and finding a niche are crucial for long-term success.

- Shifting focus and adapting to market demands can lead to new opportunities and growth.

- Taking calculated risks and embracing authenticity are key to personal and professional development.


  • (0:00) Introduction to Jamar Jones and his journey in music and entrepreneurship
  • (8:46) Jamar's personal growth and the correlation with his music career
  • (13:34) Jamar's experience hosting music events and creating the 'We Are Cancer Tour'
  • (24:29) Jamar's transition from music to IT and the importance of having a Plan B
  • (33:27) How Jamar's performance background helped him in the workplace and his transition to starting his own company
  • (43:03) Building a team and transitioning from a "video guy" to running a video production company
  • (51:36) The birth of Forever Media, impact of COVID-19, and understanding the stages of business
  • (54:40) Advice to Jamar's 18-year-old self and the importance of team care in pursuing a vision
  • (57:37) How to support and follow Jamar, and introduction to The Forever Podcast


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