The Pinklatex Show

The Pinklatex Show

Pinky "Pinklatex" has hilariously used comedy as an outlet for sharing her seemingly unbelievable life experiences. The format of this podcast is totally insane —constantly sidetracked, the hysterical twists and turns will have you in tears. Boston's belligerent B**** uses improv, sketch comedy, songs and life experience to keep you laughing.... Show More
August 27, 2019 56 min

  • Henry Cavill nude in a box?
    -Comedy Podcast
    -Formerly  "The abominable monstrosity tried to use a fist on me"

  • We start with hello's and a recap of last week
  • Introduce Countdown to Halloween
  • Start Asylum of the Week -Danvers State Hospital 
  • Tell the long story about Cherry-0-Key the worst date ever.
  • Discuss Bloodcreek, last weeks horror movie and give our thoughts.
  • Many thoughts about Naked Henry Cavil ... many thoughts
  • Wrap up with new movie of the week and some bff banter. 
  • Finally we say goodnight and for more please visit us at
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