The Sober Living Stories Podcast

The Sober Living Stories Podcast

Welcome to the "Sober Living Stories Podcast." Every Tuesday, Jessica Stipanovic, your host, shines a spotlight on individuals who have undergone remarkable transformations in their lives. Each guest shares their story giving examples of bold beginnings disguised as endings and life lessons that teach how the darkest moments often hold the key to unlocking the brightest light. This podcast is designed for those in search of inspiration to make positive life changes. Whether you're sober curious, living an alcohol-free lifestyle, or supporting someone suffering from addiction (sugar, food, drugs or spending, etc.) our episodes promise to leave you feeling understood, hopeful, and motivated to create meaningful transformations in your life. Join us for powerful new episodes every Tuesday where even the most harrowing of experiences can serve to uplift and inspire. Regardless of your background or belief system, "The Sober Living Stories Podcast" is your ultimate destination for uplifting narratives where hope shines from the most unexpected places. In addition to featuring our weekly guests, each month on the "Sober Living Stories Podcast," we have the privilege of sitting down with a new addiction author, delving into their story and the wisdom they've shared in their book. Here's the exciting part: their book becomes the giveaway for that month. Tune in every Tuesday for brand-new episodes and your chance to win the gift of a transformed life.


February 20, 2024 45 mins

Have you ever found solace in the depths of a pantry, seeking emotional refuge in food? Miriam Rachel has story is a testament to the power of positive change. Bravely looking at the root of her struggles with emotional eating, she shares her story. From a critical upbringing to the demands of caring for a special needs child, Miriam's journey through severe depression and a peak weight of 300 pounds speaks to the heart of any...

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Welcome to another episode of The Sober Living Stories Podcast.  Listen in to one of my favorite interviews yet!  Meet Elizabeth Wilson, a dedicated mom, accomplished writer, podcast host, and entrepreneur, who guides listeners on how to navigate an alcohol-free existence while fulfilling a dream of becoming an author.  In our conversation, Elizabeth fearlessly opens up about her past struggles, starting from college drinking to he...

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From homelessness to higher education, listen to this inspiring story and hear what happens when someone decides to use their hardest-won battle to help others win theirs.  Meet this week's guest, Chris Cannon, a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in private counseling and interventions.  He is a devoted husband, father of three, and owner of the Recovery House | 1st Avenue to Freedom | United States.  With eight...

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When digestive issues began to show up in her teen years, Christiane Schroeter's aversion to food resulted in anorexia.  Later in life, discovering solutions to her health led to educational achievements, a renewed sense of self and a successful career.   Our latest episode features Christiane Schroeter founder of Hello Happy Nest | Accountability Coach an accountability coach, who opens up about her journey of overcoming an e...

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Meet Janice Johnson Dowd, a mother of four,  and a Licensed  Master Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working with families and addiction.  Janice is dedicated to helping individuals in recovery repair relationships with their family and friends.  You are not just meeting a professional, you're meeting a woman who has walked through the fire of alcoholism and had to do it all herself first. 

Janice begins...

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Join Jessica Stipanovic, host of The Sober Living Stories Podcast as she interviews Christian Coach Barbie Morgan Sheffield.  Barbie shares her story of overcoming nearly two decades of drug addiction. Today, Barbie shares more than thirty years of freedom from alcohol and drugs with women all over the world.    

Starting in Dallas, Texas, Barbie's life took a tumultuous turn, marked by the grip of substance abuse. This raw con...

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Episode 9 of "The Sober Living Stories Podcast" features the inspiring journey of Cheyenne. Her story starts in foster care, takes us through her early struggles with addiction, showcases her remarkable academic achievements, and celebrates her joy in motherhood. 

Cheyenne courageously shares her teenage struggles with drug addiction and the dangerous behaviors that consumed her life. Her downward spiral eventually led her...

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When Kristine Casart, founder of Mom Vegan Love sits down to recount her sobriety journey, one cannot help but be captivated.  The candid reflection on her struggle with codependency and perfectionism amidst her quest for sobriety is both enlightening and deeply moving. Her experiences underscore the reality that recovery is not a destination but a continuous path, requiring self-compassion to best serve others.  

Her fort...

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As addiction cleared from her life, Stefanie found herself face-to-face with a new opponent: cancer. This episode takes you through the raw narrative of a woman who overcame alcohol, drug, and food addiction and emerged to fight yet another battle, this time for her very life. 

Yet, Stefanie's story isn't about survival; it's about transformation. 

Stephanie's introduction to a 12-step recovery...

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Today on The Sober Living Stories Podcast, host Jessica Stipanovic delves into food addiction with her special guest, Julie Kleinhans, founder of Reshape and Recover. Julie's 85-pound weight loss journey is a testament to overcoming addiction, from her childhood to embracing the idea of abstinence from binge foods as an adult to her eventual acceptance and success. Her inspiring story emphasizes the power of a supportive commu...

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Welcome to The Sober Livings Stories Podcast with host Jessica Stipanovic, where we dive headfirst into heartfelt conversations about addiction, recovery, and conquering generational alcoholism. Tune in this is one you are not going to want to miss! 

In this episode, Jessica explores the sobriety journey of a fitness-focused mom who has encountered the trials of parenting without alcohol, overcoming loss and relapse, and u...

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Welcome to the Sober Living Stories Podcast.   This is a must-listen episode featuring my guest, Amanda.  With 6 years of sobriety, Amanda shares her transformation from a chaotic past, including her first arrest at just fourteen, to her evolvement into living a life free from alcohol.   A haphazard involvement with the Hell's Angels led Amanda to a unique turning point in her addiction.  A caring biker boyfriend becomes her f...

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Eight Years of Friendship, Fourteen Years of Sobriety: Christie's Story

Hello, and welcome to the Sober Living Stories Podcast! Today, I'm thrilled to introduce someone very special—Christie, a friend for more than 8 years. She's not just a mom of three boys and a dedicated wife; she's also a seasoned business professional celebrating over 14 years of sobriety.   

Join us today as she shares openly about...

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Welcome to The Sober Living Stories Podcast!  Join us as we discuss the inspiring sober journey of Lisa May Bennett, author of the memoir "My Unfurling:  Emerging from the Grip of Anxiety, Self Doubt and Drinking."  A tale of battling anxiety, self-doubt, and alcoholism, Lisa's narrative reminds us that we are usually just one decision away from the transformative power of choice. By the age of 51, she made the life-...

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Ever wonder how a simple shift in life can make a world of difference?   Introducing Chris, a sports fish captain who has triumphed over alcoholism and is now embracing a vibrant, sober existence for more than 12 years.  Join Chris on his sober journey as he recounts his incredible transformation from a life consumed by alcohol to finding support, recovery, and eventually, happiness in sobriety.

Imagine a life where your b...

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Envision the transformative strength that comes with reclaiming your life and rewriting your narrative after emerging from the shadows of problem drinking, binge drinking, alcoholism, or addiction.

Welcome to the Sober Living Stories Podcast, where I'm Jessica Stipanovic, your host. 

Join me every Tuesday, as I engage in candid conversations with individuals who share their personal stories of sobriety.  In each episod...

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