The Soulful Leader Podcast

The Soulful Leader Podcast

As a Soulful Leader you want your success to mean something. Professionally, you're flourishing. Personally, you're still searching. Deep inside you know there has to be more to life. Acknowledging that your outer world doesn’t align with your inner longings can feel scary and overwhelming. In a world where achievements and accolades motivate us to do more and be more, we’re often left wondering, “Is this really it?” Instead of sticking to the status quo, you’re ready to embrace a new way of being, thinking, feeling, and doing so you can fulfill the deeper life that’s calling you. We’re your hosts, Stephanie Allen and Maren Oslac. We’re both soulful leaders in our own right whose lives have been dedicated to living that 'something more'. We can’t wait to save you time and share the shortcuts we’ve uncovered. By tuning into the Soulful Leader Podcast you’ll discover that you don’t need to sacrifice to find meaning, success or true happiness. Instead, you’ll learn practical solutions infused with a healthy dose of woo for tapping into your Divine DNA. We’ll help you see that going inward is the secret. Each week we break down the barriers that will help you decrease your stress, find that fulfillment, and create the conditions so you can thrive in life.


March 12, 2024 21 mins

Do you wake up to a to-do list already waiting for you? Do you ever feel stuck in the life you’ve created?

It’s possible that you are not in flow. One of the quickest ways to step into flow is by starting to live questions instead of answers. This seems counter-intuitive. It’s not. As a child you knew this - your natural state was asking questions - and then you got conditioned out of it.

Questions, especially the...

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Did you know that asking the question ‘how?’ can be dangerous? 

It’s probably the most common question we ask, especially as leaders, and it can destroy the very things we seek to create.

  • How will he get that done? 
  • How do we find more clients? 
  • How will I make 7 figures? 

All great questions, and it’s essential they are asked in the right timing. When the timing is wrong, it’s actually debilitating.

In today’s podcas...

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February 27, 2024 13 mins

You are MORE than you believe.

We know it. 

You don’t realize how much of your self image is based on conditioning, based on your past. There are BRILLIANT aspects of you that you’ve squashed and put aside, because you were conditioned to fit in, you were told you were ‘too much’.

It’s time to retrieve those parts and step into your shiny, amazing, uniqueness. It’s time to own your natural flow. Being in ...

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February 20, 2024 27 mins

There's a genius in all of us, how do we unlock it?

This is such a critical question for ourselves AND our businesses Maren & Stephanie have dedicated 6 full podcasts to this question, and exploring answers.

There’s tons and tons of business advice out there, everyone telling you ‘do this, do that’. Yet it may not be right for you, your unique genius. How can you tell? Over 6 episodes Stephanie and Maren...

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February 13, 2024 14 mins

Do you ever feel like you just wish you had more energy to get through your day? You’ve had the life sucked of you and you're reaching for the fridge, or the worst type of thing, to help pick you up?

Understanding your natural flow, and the flow of those around you, can help you stay out of that downward spiral. This is especially true for leaders who are constantly dealing with teams of conflicting energies.

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Do you use your profile tests for you, or your business? Have you found that the results become a novelty, or even an excuse for bad behavior? Or are you able to use them as a means to really owning your (and your team’s) Genius AND increasing the flow of your business?

Profile tests have the potential to help us grow as people, as leaders and even to help us grow our businesses, when used with intention. In today’s podcas...

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January 30, 2024 27 mins

Is your future filled with infinite possibilities? Or are you creating a future based on your past? What is the difference, and how can you know?

So often we have an ideal, a vision of how our lives could be, and we wake each morning into the hamster wheel that is our lives. No space for that big goal we set at the beginning of January, no time to put towards who we know we could be.

In today’s podcast Stephanie a...

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This time of year feels like a fresh start, a reset, an opportunity to recreate ourselves, and then we hit a wall, make a mistake or get side swiped by life and everything slows down (or comes to a screeching halt). We start doubting ourselves, shaming ourselves and blaming ourselves, our situations and others.,

As with all things, there is another option. It’s just we’re so convinced that we’re alone in our ‘I didn’t so w...

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January 16, 2024 27 mins

What is a plan? A way to make God laugh? A way to ensure you won’t fail? 

We have so many contradictory thoughts (and sayings) about planning it makes us wonder, is it important? And is it possible to create a plan that doesn’t come from a figuring, forcing, or fixing place?

This is the rich, and timely topic that Stephanie and Maren discuss in today’s podcast.

So often we set our goals and then get so bu...

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January 9, 2024 50 mins

Each year we look back at the podcasts that had the most ‘listens’. This year we found we also have a new ‘most listened to podcast of all time’! Ep 87 Leading with Beauty in Life and Business w/Deanne Fitzpatrick stood out!. We know you have great taste, and as a testament to that fact, we learned that last month Deanne was awarded the prestigious Order of Canada.

The Order of Canada is an official designation awarded by ...

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January 2, 2024 20 mins

Goal setting is top of mind for everyone right now.
Are you inspired or a bit jaded?
What if you could do it differently?

Integrating (verb): To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.

Goals have traditionally been about achieving something 'out there'", something separate from us. The catch is that whatever we're seeking 'out there', is also inside us. That...

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December 26, 2023 32 mins

What if you could be done with dramas of misunderstandings?
What if you could make your invisible filters visible?

Perception shapes your entire world, from how happy you are to how much you feel valued to what job you have. That may seem like an extreme, and it’s true. And the thing about perception is that it’s SO EASY to believe that everyone experiences the same world you experience. 

In this week’s podcas...

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This is quite possibly the busiest time of the year. So much to get done. All the end of year wrap up coupled with the frenzy of buying gifts, preparing for guests and doing all the ‘stuff’.

Yet, in nature everything has gone still, gone inward. This sets up an automatic stress on our systems. We're a part of nature and feel called to take time and rest, and society is calling us to be in this outward doing party, mak...

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Are there advantages and disadvantages of having a perfectionistic outlook on life? On yourself?

Stephanie and Maren argue both sides of this charged subject and share their unique insights on the lower vibration and the higher vibration of perfectionism.

In the lower energy of perfectionism we’re constricted, like ice (the lower vibration of water). We're always needing to be more, to have more, never feelin...

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December 5, 2023 20 mins

As leaders, we're confronted by challenges on a daily basis.
We're also looking for opportunities.

What if the very opportunity you seek is seeking for you, and it’s showing up as a challenge in your life?

This is not how we’re taught to look at problems and challenges. We're taught to avoid them, stuff them, ignore them, plow through them or overcome them.

Stephanie and Maren discuss a...

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November 28, 2023 25 mins

We are so quick to judge based on the surface, the external. We’re trained to choose jobs, houses and even our mates based on those surface, external metrics. It’s left us feeling isolated, as if we are not enough and needing to always do more. It’s taken a massive toll on us, both as individuals, and as a culture. 

In today’s episode, Stephanie and Maren bluntly discuss all aspects of this surface, societal leaning and do...

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Today’s podcast is very different. It introduces a radically different approach to life - from business  to relationships to health and wellness.

What if you could live in flow with 100% absolute certainty that trustworthy guidance for what is next, how to achieve it and who to involve would always be there for you?

What if you never had to force, figure or fix another thing in your life?

Would you be w...

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November 14, 2023 24 mins

We think of serendipity as luck, chance,and things just happening by accident. 

It’s not. 

Serendipity is actually an art, it’s the art of being such a good detective that you can predict what is coming, the future before it’s happened, and be prepared.

In this week's podcast, Stephanie and Maren talk about this lost art and how to start developing these skills for yourself!

  • 00:41 What i...
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November 7, 2023 31 mins

You wake up with a laundry list of things to get done, grab a cup of coffee and jump in. There’s no space to ask the BIG questions like, ‘is this what I’m on this planet to accomplish?’ or ‘Is this why I’m here?’ You’ve just got to get through the day. 

What if we keep ourselves busy and distracted so that we feel important and don’t have to go any deeper?

What if society’s ‘chase’ game keeps us from the real mean...

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October 31, 2023 32 mins

Control, where does it fit into our lives? Does it serve us? Or is it holding us back?

In this week’s podcast, Maren and Stephanie have an open conversation about control that will have you looking more deeply at these questions in your own life. 

We’re taught that control is the answer to all of our problems. If we could just get control over our lives, our teams, our eating, our bodies, etc. Control as an ideal ...

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