The Soulful Leader Podcast

The Soulful Leader Podcast

As a Soulful Leader you want your success to mean something. Professionally, you're flourishing. Personally, you're still searching. Deep inside you know there has to be more to life. Acknowledging that your outer world doesn’t align with your inner longings can feel scary and overwhelming. In a world where achievements and accolades motivate us to do more and be more, we’re often left wondering, “Is this really it?” Instead of sticking to the status quo, you’re ready to embrace a new way of being, thinking, feeling, and doing so you can fulfill the deeper life that’s calling you. We’re your hosts, Stephanie Allen and Maren Oslac. We’re both soulful leaders in our own right whose lives have been dedicated to living that 'something more'. We can’t wait to save you time and share the shortcuts we’ve uncovered. By tuning into the Soulful Leader Podcast you’ll discover that you don’t need to sacrifice to find meaning, success or true happiness. Instead, you’ll learn practical solutions infused with a healthy dose of woo for tapping into your Divine DNA. We’ll help you see that going inward is the secret. Each week we break down the barriers that will help you decrease your stress, find that fulfillment, and create the conditions so you can thrive in life.


January 25, 2022 18 min

We don't even see it. We are in the hole and can't tell we are there.

High achievers. Go-getters. Pushers. We do, do, do until we are fried, and then do some more. Until we can't. Until some part of us breaks - our marriage, our relationships, our health, our sanity.

There is another way. It seems improbable because we're taught that this is 'just the way it's done'. It's been modeled for us. Others ha...

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What is your relationship to wealth?
What is your relationship with joy?
What do those two things have to do with each other, and with leadership?

Stephanie and Maren offer a whole new paradigm for leaders in 2022 and challenge the status quo of equating self-worth with our wealth, or lack-there-of.

A few highlights from their conversation:

  • money/currency is just a current, the flow in your life
  • what is your currency of mindset, of joy
  • sk...
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    January 11, 2022 19 min

    Out of our 28 podcasts last year, the most listened-to leadership episode was our one on Healthy Boundaries.

    Setting up a new way of being CAN'T happen without taking a look at the standards and boundaries behind your habits our most popular 2021 leadership podcast is actually a very timely one as well.

    We know you'll get even more out of this, now, as you are looking forward in...

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    January 4, 2022 25 min

    Old world leadership is changing. Are you ready for the change?

    "All the leadership training I've done has been focused on being a good leader in the external world, none has even touched on being an INNER leader, who is even talking about this?" ~ Maren Oslac

     As leaders, we know that we can't change the people around us, we can only change ourselves. Most, however, haven't applied this knowledge directly to how ...

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    December 28, 2021 26 min

    You are ready for a NEW WAY to reset yourself and create a truly transformative 2022 - for yourself (as a soulful leader) and for your team.

    We are at a collective pause, a moment to press the reset button, and it's time to do it differently.

    ~  Are you tired of being caught in the rat race of goal setting and needing to do more? 
    ~  Are you frustrated doing the same thing and experiencing the same results? 
    ~  Have you had enough ...

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    How can acknowledging the shortest day of the year completely shift your next 6 months?

    This week, Stephanie and Maren discuss how disconnected we've become, what it would take to tune back in AND how doing so can shift the entire paradigm of both your life and your business.

    Nature goes inward this time of year so that she can blossom in the spring. What could you, as a leader, learn from her process?

    For the most part, society a...

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    Do you find that you need a holiday from the holidays? 
    Are you exhausted from the “more is better” consumerism? 
    Have you felt a longing to connect with the deeper meaning of this sacred time of year?

    This week, Maren and Stephanie have a treat for you. They share a practice every leader will want for themselves, their family and their teams. It not only rejuvenates and transforms Stephanie and Maren, but allows them time and space f...

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    December 7, 2021 27 min

    Who are you beyond what you do, beyond your title, your successes and failures?

    As a leader, you’ve been conditioned to believe that your value lies in solely what you do, not who you are.

    Most of us don’t know who we are beyond our positions, our jobs, or our accolades.  

    Maren and Stephanie explore this engaging topic without shame, blame or shying away from the fears and doubts it brings up.

    Some of the highlights:

  • Sometimes NOT doin...
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    November 30, 2021 24 min

    Which would you prefer: to attract or to promote?

    You might say “attract, of course” but your conditioning will lead you otherwise.  Attraction requires allowing and you don't even allow yourself a compliment. Society teaches us that our value is based on what we DO, how much we effort, push and promote. 

    You KNOW this, and you may not even notice the price, the very hefty price, that you are paying in your life: your relationshi...

    Mark as Played
    November 23, 2021 26 min

    Why are you exhausted at the end of the day, or even at the end of a meeting? 
    Is being tired just 'normal' for leaders, just 'how life works'? 
    What if it's actually NOT normal, NOT how life actually works? 
    What if you could be energized by living your life???

    When an iceberg flips, it releases as much energy as an atomic bomb.  Stephanie and Maren apply that analogy to our lives, our leadership beliefs, our relat...

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    November 16, 2021 30 min

    What we create in this world has a further-reaching impact than we realize.  Much further.

    As leaders, it's our moment - to not only grasp the magnitude but to begin our personal shift to a more conscious way of being - to claim the positive impact is our birthright. 

    Maren & Stephanie recently had the opportunity of a lifetime: to spend a day on a protected, one-of-a-kind island in the Atlantic - Sable Island. In addition to...

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    November 9, 2021 17 min

    Are YOU the one in five people that can solve the puzzle in today's episode?

    Being playful and finding flaws seem to be on opposite ends of a spectrum, which makes this podcast with Stepanie and Maren even more engaging. Go on today’s journey with the pair to find the link between the playful and flaws and in the process unlock insightful leadership (and personal) keys.

    Improve your exploratory process, find out if you have a gro...

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    November 2, 2021 21 min

    You’ve checked all the boxes of leadership. 
    You are a master of making things happen. 
    And still there’s a voice inside saying, “there’s more”.  You KNOW there’s more, you’re just not sure how to get from the successful life you have to the one that’s calling you.

    It’s time to move beyond the serial adrenaline rushes and create real, lasting, impactful change. In this week’s podcast, Maren and Stephanie address 

  • Not ‘fitting in’ to th...
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    Mark as Played

    Physics tells us that the hardest part of doing something is starting it and stopping it.

    Inertia (n)
    - the resistance an object has to a change in its state of motion
    - a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged

    As leaders, we see this play out every time we begin or end something - both in ourselves and in our teams.  We know that they require the most effort, time and attention, but do we give them as much as they really ne...

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    October 19, 2021 19 min

    Do you have healthy boundaries? 
    Do you have any boundaries? 
    Can you hold your boundaries?

    As leaders, your time and expertise are in high demand. Clear boundaries are often the only thing between you and being a stressed-out mess (and all the downline effects of that!)

    Clear boundaries are also key to evolving yourself and achieving your goals. Do you feel stuck where you are? The successful person you admire so much has very differe...

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    October 12, 2021 16 min

    Richard Branson does it. He walks into a room and checks his ego at the door. He doesn't need to have all the answers and actually consciously chooses to NOT have the answers.

    Society would have us believe that leaders are the answer people. As leaders, we take that on and 'should' on ourselves to know it all. Maren & Stephanie discuss the toll this takes on us as leaders AND the adverse, downline effect on everyone ...

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    October 5, 2021 22 min

    Have you ever felt like you worked REALLY hard to climb the ladder only to find that it was leaning against the wrong wall?  What then?

    Do you get into the “who’s to blame” or “I failed” or “why didn’t I” game? What if it was absolutely perfect and climbing that ladder was necessary to set you up for your next adventure?

    Stephanie calls those moments of potential regret ‘divine irritants’. We can push them away, blame and shame, or w...

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    September 28, 2021 23 min

    What happens when your opinion differs from your team, your boss, your friend, your spouse? Is it a different response in private than it is in public?  

    For leaders at any level, this is critical.

    Do you default to conflict, judgment, silent disapproval? Or is there room to listen, explore, accept and discover?

    This week Maren and Stephanie expose a difference of opinion that happened during last week’s podcast. They take the time to...

    Mark as Played

    The Underworld, The Outerworld, The Innerworld

    The stories we tell ourselves define who we are… but are those stories set in stone? What if you could weave your stories as YOU wanted them to be, or reshape existing stories?

    Maren and Stephanie explore this fascinating subject and unearth great truths for leaders at all levels. They directly address several stories in their own lives (like you can’t have a big impact living in a small...

    Mark as Played
    September 14, 2021 15 min

    Life did not come with a manual. 
    Business comes with too many. 
    How do we find our way? 

    Today’s episode explores the challenges, and benefits, of living in the unknown. It delves into empowering leaders in their ‘quest’ in life. 

    There was an amazing response to last week’s episode so this week, we continue the conversation about Empowering Questions, answer YOUR questions and take the discussion to a deeper level. 

    In a society where...

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