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The Spin

The world is changing at a crazy rate. It can be exciting but scary all at the same time. Join Kristen and Mark to hear their spin on a variety of subjects to make sure you’re ready to embrace that world today and in the future.


December 27, 2022 32 mins

Season 3 - Episode 3: Do you have a best friend at work?

Yes it’s been a while but we’re back. For how long? Who knows!

We provide a bit of an explanation of our podcast recording tardiness before jumping in to the topic of friendships at work.

Inspired by Max Dickins’ spectacular book Billy No-Mates, we build the case for organizations taking a more specific role in building friendships at work.

You’ll find more on this topic in Mark’...

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Season 3

Episode 2: What is Web 3.0?

In the latest episode of The Spin, Mark and Kristen (well mainly Kristen) put their spin on Web 3.0. For the avoidance of doubt, it’s correctly referred to as “web three point O” – Mark apologizes for his apparent inability to get this in his head during the pod!

This episode took us in to the lane we wanted to create with The Spin based on our philosophy that the world is changing at a crazy rate....

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Season 3

Episode 1: The Future of Career Progression

Welcome to a new year and a new season of The Spin. In this episode, Mark and Kristen explore career progression and specifically Squiggly Careers.

As we come through the pandemic, now is a great time to reflect on whether you are getting what you want from your career and, if possible, to take control. In Season 2 of Episode 5, we talked about how to futureproof your career and thi...

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Season 2

Episode 8: Generation Nation – What do millennials know anyway?

Another opportunity to be face to face with Kristen proudly wearing a half grown moustache – more on that below – for an episode of The Spin talking about generations. 

Inspired by an October NYT article, we explored the five different generations in the workplace including:

  1. Traditionalists or Silent Generation - 1945 and before
  2. Baby Boomers - 1946-1964
  3. Gen...
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Season 2

Episode 7: The Great Resignation

It was fantastic to be face to face for this episode of The Spin where Kristen and Mark chat about “The Great Resignation”. 

On the back of the pandemic, there is a lot of pent-up demand so learn more about the reasons why so many people are resigning and what organizations and individuals need to think about. Some sectors have been particularly impacted including retail and hospital...

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Season 2

Episode 6: We all want to go hybrid

In this edition of The Spin we explore hybrid work – the popular choice as people start to plan a return to the office.

Hybrid work is one of those new terms (like “social distancing”) that we didn’t use 18 months ago but is now a common part of our vernacular. In a recent study from Microsoft, it was reported that 70% of workers want flexible work and 67% want more in-person time with coll...

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It’s Episode 5 of The Spin and Kristen and Mark are exploring how we ensure our careers stay relevant in a world of disruption.

Inspired by the writing of Kevin Roose including the NYT article (subscription required) that Kristen shared with Mark and the book Futureproof, we are reminded that 70% of people in US are scared of robots taking over their jobs. 

These aren’t Terminator type robots, but robotic process automation (RPA) tha...

Mark as Played

Season 2

Episode 4: All About Culture

In this episode we were excited to be joined by
Hilton Barbour to chat about all things culture.

Hilton is a marketer by training who explores the intersection of strategy and culture. As his website explains, if strategy is the engine culture is the fuel.

We talk through what we mean by culture, how it can impact an organization and share our perspectives on why it’s important.

Hilton pr...

Mark as Played

Season 2 - Episode 3: End of year reflections 


2020 – the year none of us will ever forget no matter how hard we try! Spend some time with Kristen and Mark as they look for the silver linings in what was a challenging year for everyone in addition to looking ahead to what 2021 might offer us.

This all happened in one year – crazy!

It’s also been 12 months since the first episode of The Spin so humour us with a bit of a nos...

Mark as Played

Season 2 Episode 2: Embracing Accountability 

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of The Spin – it’s been a while, but life’s busy so we give ourselves a pass!

What does the word discipline mean for you? Join us as we explore the different connotations of this word with our guest Michael Clark.

For some people (like Kristen) it means self-discipline and keeping to habits. You may want to have a quick history lesson and learn more ...

Mark as Played


Welcome to Season 2 of The Spin. We learnt a lot in Season 1 and had a lot of fun along the way, so we’re excited to get to Season 2 where we’ll introduce some new features alongside the tried and tested! 

One particular new feature will be more audience participation including welcoming friends of The Spin to the show.

In our first episode we met with Meghan Gardner – ex-colleague of Mark’s and colleague of Kristen’s … p...

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Episode 10: Season one recap

We started The Spin in January 2020 and here we are in July at the end of our first season. How time flies when you’re having fun!

Take a listen of this short episode where we talk about season one including what went well and what we want to improve for the next season. This was our own little example of having a growth mindset (check-out episode 2!).

We’d love to hear from our listeners (send ...

Mark as Played
June 22, 2020 32 mins

Episode 9: The New Normal 


As we start to open back up in Ontario and across the globe, in Episode 9 of The Spin we talk about the considerations for individuals and organizations. Many have spoken about the silver lining that comes from the pandemic and the opportunity it presents to reimagine the next normal when it comes to work. We talk through some of the elements.

We also share some of our reactions to the...

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It was Mark’s turn to do some research around how to build relationships. We decided to focus our time on John Maxwell’s four levels of relationship. 

We started with a definition that we liked.
Interpersonal relationship refers to a strong association between individuals sharing common interests and goals. A sense of trust, loyalty and commitment is essential in a relationship. Individuals need to trust and respect their partne...

Mark as Played

Episode 7?! Wow that came around quickly. In our latest episode we took the opportunity to revisit the original purpose of The Spin and pivoted slightly the format very slightly. See if you notice!

From the confines of his mobile studio (aka his car in his garage), Kristen answered the question ‘What makes you happy?’.

We hope you enjoy the pod!

The Spin

Do you remember what The Spin is all about? Well we think the world is changing at...

Mark as Played

Episode 6: COVID-19 – COVID19 and What we are noticing (personally and professionally)


The COVID-19 crisis is a health crisis that our generation has never experienced. For this episode, Kristen and Mark were obviously practicing social distancing. Kristen was in his car in the garage and Mark was at home - the wonders of modern technology!

We framed our COVID-19 conversation around what we’re noticing. What we’...

Mark as Played
March 25, 2020 26 mins

The Spin - Episode 5: Wellbeing


When we initially recorded this episode, COVID-19 was in the news more than it was in our lives. A lot changed in a week and the topic of wellbeing feels even more relevant now. So in this episode of The Spin listen to Kristen and Mark chat about wellbeing. They provide some context around different components of wellbeing and talk about physical and mental wellbeing. 

What are th...

Mark as Played
March 11, 2020 30 mins

Episode 4: Career Longevity


In this episode of The Spin, Kristen and Mark explore the topic of career longevity. They talk about why it is important, what the implications are for people and what you can do to stay relevant for a long term career.

Why is career longevity a thing?

We identified a few reasons why career longevity is important:

  • People are living longer – we referred to Lynda Gratton’s work on the 100 Year ...
Mark as Played

In this episode Mark and Kristen discuss the idea of finding your purpose while referencing Dan Pontefract's book the Purpose effect and explore how personal, organizational and role purpose can align to support your overall happiness.

Mark as Played

Mark and Kristen discuss what a Growth Mindset is. We talk about some real world examples and provide some tips to tap into your own personal Growth Mindset.

Mark as Played

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