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March 20, 2024 47 mins

Dra Rogers joined us in the studio to share his story! Dra and his family are a big part of ministry here at Desert Springs and he is also a missionary that we help to support through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Sarah and Dra begin their conversation with a "sports segment" but quickly turn to how God has worked so greatly in Dra's life. He moved around a lot as a child and though his grandparents were very involved in church, he didn't really have a personal faith or relationship with God. Sports were a big part of his life, and he had big dreams of pursuing football professionally. This all came to a halt when he learned that he would become a father at the age of 17. After graduating high school, Dra dedicated his time to working to support his baby daughter. Something he struggled with was hyper focusing on receiving validation from those around him. Not being involved in sports elevated this struggle. He chased praise and recognition but found that it was never enough. Dra eventually got married and had a son, but he could not escape the battle for validation. Unfortunately, things came to a head and his marriage ended. From here Dra knew that something needed to change. Slowly but surely the Lord was drawing Dra to Himself. Dra met and married Julie and this is where steps towards the Lord really began. You'll hear about Dra's faith journey, including adoption of a child and loss of family, when he was baptized at DSCC and how God paved the way for Dra to begin working for FCA. It became so clear that this was the purpose God had for him. It is hard to express in the show notes just how profoundly the Lord worked in Dra's heart and life, you have to listen! Make sure you come back next week for a continued conversation with Dra and Jamie Engram.

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