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March 27, 2024 36 mins

We had the opportunity to continue our conversation with Dra Rogers, this time getting into the specifics of what ministry looks like with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). We have a special guest host, our Missions Pastor Jamie Engram who leads the conversation. Jamie and Dra met in the studio to talk through day-to-day life and ministry with FCA here in the West Valley. A lot of this ministry happens so close to our church! It is really amazing to hear just how much reach FCA has, often times into public schools. Dra gets into the specifics talking about ministry not only to young athletes but to fellow coaches. If you remember from his testimony last week Dra was once a coach who desperately needed Jesus. This conversation will encourage you as you hear about how the Gospel is being brought into these environments that our culture has rejected spiritual things. Many Americans highly value sports and it is so cool to see how Jesus is being lifted high in sports settings through these programs. Dra has invested so much time into young athletes and coaches and we're so glad we get to share some of those stories here with you. 

Pray for Dra: Continue to pray for funding goals to be met. Pray for work/life balance in keeping family first and then ministry. Pray for additional staff to come and work for the West Valley chapter of FCA.

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