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May 1, 2024 23 mins

We are excited to share another story featuring one of our missionaries we help to support! Melissa Crawford joined our guest host Missions Pastor Jamie Engram in the studio to talk through the ministry she does through sports in The Philippines with Global Surge. Melissa takes us into the specifics of what ministry looks like but first she shares about how she even got to the mission field. This goes back to her childhood in Kansas as her family was friends with three different families who were missionaries all over the world. Having an up-close look at this life gave her a heart for missions at a young age. At age 5 she started helping to support missionaries herself by giving 10 cents a week. As a teenager she came to know the Lord as her personal Savior. This desire for missions only grew stronger but it would be a while before she was ever able to go on a mission trip. Eventually the Lord made a way for Melissa to go on a mission trip to Hong Kong. While on this trip she was able to visit a Filippino church and this is where her love for the Philippines started. After going on a few more mission trips all over the world Melissa got connected with an organization called Global Surge. She was presented with the opportunity to become a missionary, but she wasn't ready to give an immediate "yes." Listen in to hear about how God led Melissa to be on the mission field full-time, how she has been strengthened as a single missionary, how sports ministry is accomplished, what covid was like and so much more. 

Pray for Melissa: Pray for her as she leads leaders in another culture and for continued funding support. Pray for safety and health as she travels back to The Philippines later this month. 

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For more information on Missions at DSCC, email Don't forget, you can also learn more at our Missions Connect Wall in the Desert Springs lobby. Let's be praying for all of our missionaries!

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