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May 22, 2024 48 mins

Josh and Rachel Fricovsky joined us in the studio to share their testimony of how the Lord saved and redeemed their marriage. This is an episode you're going to want to share with people! Josh and Rachel were married in 2021 after meeting at their office jobs in Colorado. They fondly remember their side conversations on Slack and how they fell in love at work. After getting married Josh and Rachel wanted a fresh start and made plans to move to Arizona. In the process of moving, they found out they were pregnant with their daughter Ruth. A move to a different state, recent marriage and pregnancy was a lot to take in at one time! A key element missing in their marriage was Christ. Josh had a faith background and Rachel did not and when they married God was not something they included in their relationship. Being new to Arizona they also didn't have a solid community, especially one that was centered on Christ. After Ruth was born Josh and Rachel felt their stress escalate quickly. All of the change came to a head, and they ended up separating. They began to take steps to legally end their marriage. But thankfully that is not where their story ends! Listen in to hear about how the Lord worked in their lives individually to bring them back to Him and back to each other. Our culture goes against so much of what God wants and it is amazing to hear Josh and Rachel articulate how they found their way in the Lord. Marriage is such a beautiful picture of Christ and the church!

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