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January 19, 2024 85 mins

Have you ever wondered what happens when the frontiers of biology and technology collide? Hon Weng Chong, the  CEO of Cortical Labs, sits down with us and takes us on a recap of his journey thus far. Starting with his transition from being a medical doctor, through to being a tech innovator, Hon takes us through the crests and troughs of startup life, explores some of the philosophic implications of his organisation and outlines the fascinating ways in which biological systems predict, interact and make sense of the world.

Join us as we uncover a symphony of stories that weave together medicine, technology, and the human spirit, like the tale of a medical student's crusade against childhood pneumonia using a digital stethoscope and smartphone wizardry.  We navigate the complex terrain of bio-ethics, the nuances of transdisciplinary collaboration, and the thrill of pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

Before we sign off, we turn our gaze towards the horizon, where the synthesis of deep tech and automation heralds a new era. 

Listen in to the unfolding tale where biology and technology converge, and be part of the conversation that's charting the course of tomorrow! 

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We're working on and supporting a range of community-led, impact-oriented initiatives spanning conservation, bioremediation, synthetic biology, biomaterials, and systems innovation.

If you have an idea that has the potential to support the thriving of people and the planet, get in contact! We'd love to help you bring your bio-led idea to life.

Otherwise, join our online community of innovators and change-makers via this link.

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