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March 4, 2024 81 mins

We recently reconnected with Aqeel Akber, a nuclear physicist turned entrepreneur and co-founder of AI and Data consultancy Thaum. 15 minutes into our catch-up at Market Lane over a batch brew, we decided to jump behind the mic for an impromptu exploration into the heart of technology's impact on society.

It's not every day that you meet a kindred spirit at Burning Seed, but when you do, you're in for a dialogue that dances from the poetic ebb and flow of whale migrations to the gritty pragmatics of AI's rapid evolution. Our discussion traverses the realms of quantum and nuclear physics, machine learning, and the ethics of innovation, offering a fresh lens through which to view the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

You might wonder how whale tracking and scientific innovation find common ground with machine learning intricacies, but it's all part of the curious mind of Aqeel Akber. The WhalePod project exemplifies the ingenuity that springs from the fusion of disciplines. We share the backstory of this intriguing endeavour, its impact on our understanding of the ocean's largest inhabitants, and the broader environmental consequences. Meanwhile, we tackle the uncertainties of data and the implications of imperfect models, diving into the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence with a critical yet hopeful eye toward its potential to reshape our collective futures.

To wrap up our epic exchange, we contemplate the human elements at the heart of technological progress—diversity, creativity, love, and connection. As we discuss the role of diverse backgrounds in innovation and how AI could bridge cultural divides, it becomes clear that our digital age holds the promise of uniting us in ways we've yet to grasp fully. Join us for an episode that challenges conventions, inspires a reimagining of value and perception, and, ultimately, redefines the essence of human purpose in a world increasingly shaped by the tools we create.

We look forward to seeing what Aqeel manages to manifest in his next venture as they continue on their mission of 'making the ethical decision, the economic one' using cleverness and invention.

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