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November 2, 2023 108 mins

In this whirlwind of an episode, we sat down with Mathew Mykta and Nathan (Nate) Kinch from Tethix.

In this episode, We took a deep dive into Tethix's SMILES framework (the Symbio-Memetic Interwoven Language Embodiment System), which works at the intersection of transdisciplinary theory, reflective practice, and a deep ecological orientation.

We ventured into the realm of Elemental Ethics, a nature-inspired language and framework that helps make ethics engaging, exciting and practical. 

We learned how to be a responsible firekeeper by embedding and enacting your ETHOS. We explored the terrain of the Tethix Archipelago, a place in time and space where folks can engage in serious play through pixels and code that weave together a more beautiful way of connecting and relating within Gather.Town.

In this playful conversation, we also touched on new forms of governance, how our stories shape our reality and inadvertently alter our ways of being, seeing, doing and relating to technology (and the world at large) and much, much more.

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