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Welcome to The Unrest Podcast, where we talk about everything scary, spooky, and haunted. The ghost stories you've heard and the ones you haven't.


September 29, 2022 26 min

Real Life Haunt: Ashley and Caitlin

Two stories all about dreams...Ashley comes from a long line of women with a special gift....they are able to communicate with loved ones through their dreams.

Caitlin shares that gift as well...she has been able to talk to her dad who passed away not long ago and gain a type of closure that brings her peace.

If you have a story that you think our audience would love to hear please send it to theunr...

Mark as Played

Real Life Haunt: The Middle East

We venture to the Middle East for our two real life haunt stories in this episode. 

The first story is about an experience that happened while being deployed to Afghanistan.  It will leave you questioning the things you hear.... the next story making you question the things you see. 

If you have a story, we want to hear it.... email us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
September 7, 2022 28 min

Real Life Haunt: Maria

Maria and her twin sister always felt like their grandmother's house was haunted...and not just with scary ghosts but also loved ones. 

We hear about two separate spirits that showed themselves to Maria  while she lived in her grandmother's house as a child and her advice on what to do if you find your self face to face with a ghost.

We want to hear from you have a story that our listeners woul...

Mark as Played
August 27, 2022 23 min

In this episode we hear about two houses that are overflowing with spirit roommates.

Kim shares with us what her journey has been like sharing her historical home with a few spirit friends and then we share an anonymous letter from a lady who had a few unexplainable experiences in her home over the years.

Do you have a story that you think our listeners would like to us at

Unrest In Peace

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August 19, 2022 23 min

This episode marks our very first look into Big Foot stories....we have two guests who share their experiences with the famed world's greatest hide and seek champion. 

The first story is one that shows a softer side to the mammoth creature that wanders the woods....and then we hear from Tim who has now almost made it his mission to research and find factual evidence that the creature exists.

Do you have a story that you think our...

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August 12, 2022 23 min

Real Life Haunt: SJ

This episode we talk to SJ who is a medium with lots of experiences under her belt.

She shares with us a few that really have stuck with her over the years and what she finds to be the most important take away when receiving messages from these lost loved ones.

Do you have a story that you think our listeners would enjoy...message us at

Unrest In Peace

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July 29, 2022 9 min

Real Life Haunt: Michael

On this episode we are joined by a theater crew member...who has had a few interesting experiences while working in this specific theater.

PSA: My French Bulldog "Viva" recorded with us so if you hear some snoring in the background that is her....

Do you have a story that you think listeners would love to hear....send it to us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
July 22, 2022 23 min

Real Life Haunt: Demi and Tara

In this episode we hear from Demi who has always felt like she had a sensitivity to the spirit world...but really found that out through an interesting experience while she was in Germany visiting concentration camps.

We also had a listener write in her devastating story about a friend who passed away in her home...and some experiences that led her to asking him to leave.

Do you have a spooky story that ...

Mark as Played
July 15, 2022 16 min

Real Life Haunt: Richy 

Has anyone else experiences shadow figures....well the guest on this episode has been tormented with them from a young age. 

Richy shares some of the most frightening  experiences with these shadow figures that have hung around him his whole life. 

Do you have a spooky story...we want to hear from you send your story to

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
July 7, 2022 12 min

Real Life Haunt: Kat and Linda

This episode we visit with Kat who has had paranormal experiences since she was a little girl...which is now something that she shares with her young daughter.

We also have a story that was shared about an interesting experience in a hospital that can't quite be explained 

We want to hear from you.....message us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
June 24, 2022 36 min

Real Life Haunt: Russ Kellett

We take a trip back to England for another UFO story...and this one will leave you wondering if there really is something else out there. 

Russ the author of a book called E. T. Rider shares with us his encounters with the  extraterrestrial and takes us through the multiple abductions that he was experienced.

We want to hear from you have a spooky story to tell email us at theunrestpodcast@g...

Mark as Played
June 17, 2022 26 min

Real Life Haunt: Eddie

Eddie tells us all about a story that seemed to stem from a dream he experienced as a child.

This dream followed him throughout the years and affected him so much that he wrote a book called A Haunted Life.

We want to hear from you....if you have a story email us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
June 9, 2022 19 min

Real Life Haunt: James

This episode we finally get our first UFO sighting story. James and some friends witnessed something of the unknown.

James also shared with us a few paranormal happenings he has experienced as well. 

We want to hear from you...if you have a story email us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played
June 1, 2022 21 min

Real Life Haunt: Nicole

This episodes real life haunt lived across the street from a funeral home and cremation center. 

When they first moved in the house things were quiet but during the pandemic things amped up and made it very difficult to live there. 

If you have a story we want to hear from us at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played

Real Life Haunt: Tristan from Kansas

This episode's real life haunt like others has had multiple unexplained experiences throughout the years in a few different houses.

But the events that took place one night when he was home from college is sure to leave you with chills after you hear it. 

If you have a story we want hear us at

Unrest in Peace

Mark as Played
May 13, 2022 26 min

Real Life Haunt: Lindsey

Lindsey has literally lived in haunted houses for most of her life. Starting out as a baby in Victorian style home and then into childhood in her grandparents' home. Living with spirits is something she knows all to well. 

Also, a very interesting experience left her thinking maybe not all people can experience the paranormal and maybe it even is something found in genetics. 

We want to hear from you...if ...

Mark as Played
May 6, 2022 24 min

Real Life Haunt: Kristy Sumner

This week's real life haunt is one sister that makes up a group of paranormal investigators called Soul Sister Paranormal. 

These ladies have traveled the country and stayed in some of the most historical and haunted places in the Unites States.

She talks about how they got started in the business...they most haunted location they have stayed at...and where they still hope to go.

Do you have a spooky ...

Mark as Played
April 29, 2022 18 min

Real Life Haunt: Samantha Moore

A lot of times the stories we hear are about a specific location or house that has paranormal activity...and this story is no different...but along with this house we also see a whole family that has had some sort of experience.... even her little brother.

Could it be that the family is just sensitive to the spirit world... having strong ties in Mexico...or is it something else.... you decide.

Do you ha...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2022 16 min

Real Life Haunt: Christina and Rick

We had two listeners email in their real life haunts and in this episode we will be reading those emails to you.

Christina shares with us her special gift she has had since she was a little girl...spirits just seem to follow her around wherever she goes.

Then there is Rick who had a very interesting encounter with a spirit while sketching in an old building in Charleston. 

Make sure you stick around ...

Mark as Played
April 8, 2022 26 min

Real Life Haunt: Dave Alexander

Sometimes when you buy a get everything that comes with it...spirits included. 

Dave shares with us just some of the stories that he has experienced throughout his life...and an interesting text he got from a friend about a ghost right before we started to record. 

We want to hear from you send us your stories at

Unrest In Peace

Mark as Played

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