The Work IN to move out of stress, tension & anxiety

The Work IN to move out of stress, tension & anxiety

The Work IN is for fitness professionals and refugees from the body brand nation who are ready to make trauma informed instruction the gold standard of professionalism across the industry. You'll find mentorship and professional perspectives to help fitness professionals and wellness educators who want to set themselves apart using a creative, trauma sensitive approach so that they can get lasting results for their clients and avoid burnout for themselves.


November 27, 2023 27 mins

We spend a lot of time in the fitness industry learning skills. We learn how to do particular poses and exercises, what order to put them in, what to look for in alignment, how to do calorie calculations or figure out 1 rep max or calculate macros. Anyone can learn those skills. I don’t know that any fit pro would consider what we do art. But maybe we should. There’s a certain level of creativity, artistry, in how we communicate an...

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We all have the best of intentions when it comes to the holidays. This is not the time to start a new, restrictive diet but that doesn’t mean that we need to fall completely off the wagon either. I believe that a healthy lifestyle includes joy and enjoyment without the judgment about every little thing you put on your plate. Here’s how we can do it using the ABC’s of resilience.

Today let’s limit our discussion to how the stress and...

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Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of decisions everyday especially if we employ people beyond ourselves. Solopreneurs have an added maybe different layer because we are our only employee. We only have to make the decisions about what we are going to do from day to day in our business. Sounds simple. But every little thing becomes one of those decisions. Every word we write to everything we buy, every course we take. This is differen...

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In this episode I share my favorite podcasts, books that have changed my mind and a whole list of outside the box gift ideas for the most difficult to buy for on your list.
None of these are affiliate links they're just things I like and have used in the past.

It’s time to stop working out and start working IN. You found the Work IN podcast for fit-preneurs and their health conscious clients. This podcast is ...

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The next time you feel some kind of way, take a moment before you fight that feeling. It might just be a perfectly rational response.

But what if those moods last longer than a couple hours? What if they go into days, weeks, months or even years? What if you get stuck there? Does that mean you have a chemical imbalance in the brain? Are you dopamine or serotonin deficient? 

Turns out that’s not a thing. We used to think that but that...

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October 23, 2023 20 mins

There’s no such thing as “settled science” when it comes to human health. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a therapist of any kind. I’m a fitness professional and I take that seriously because what that means is that I am a curator of health and wellness information. I believe that all fit pros have an opportunity and a responsibility to have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people we work with by helping to translate health scienc...

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October 16, 2023 29 mins

What does detoxification have to do with menopause? Turns out quite a bit. Today I want to connect the dots between toxicity in our environment, our diet and our nervous system and how that can show up in menopause symptoms and what we can do to buffer ourselves in that transition.

Why do some women sail through menopause without a single hot flash and others feel like the wicked witch of the west melting into a puddle? Why do so ma...

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Menopause is the pinnacle transition for women. Society looks at this time as “the end” and it holds negative, self destructive images. Images of the dried up, wrinkled old women with nothing left to give. The cultural, and medical messaging is focused on how to “fix” it, mask it or prescribe it away. But menopause and the changes that come with it isn’t a disease. It doesn’t need to be fixed. You can’t fix aging. Everyone does it ...

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If there’s one thing that every woman I know complains about, it's sleep deprivation. There’s a reason they use it for torture, oops I mean enhanced interrigation. Sleep disturbance every once in a while, a night or 2 here and there, is not a problem. More than 3 nights a week might be. Now I thought it was just me but apparently waking between 2 and 4 AM every night like clock work is pretty common for women in perimenopause ...

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September 25, 2023 29 mins

 If ever there was a riddle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery in the body it’s the pelvic floor. Both men and women have pelvic floor muscles and both experience dysfunction but for today we’re just talking to the ladies. If you are listening to this where little ones are present we are going to talk about s-e-x and things of that nature so if you aren’t ready to do that explaining you might want to put the earbuds in. Fair ...

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September 18, 2023 32 mins

What can I eat that will lower stress? I got this question once in a nutrition presentation. My answer at the time was “nothing legal” But what this person really wanted was what we all want when we’re uncomfortable in our own skin. A quick fix. Lower stress really just means better resilience from the inside out.

The truth is double edged. No, there's not one thing you can eat to lower stress. But yes there are lots of things....

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September 11, 2023 15 mins

 If you carry a certification you are required to maintain CEC. It takes some creativity to curate those into career excellence.  

So How DO you get better at what you do in an industry where everyone is basically doing and offering the same things? 

In my humble opinion what sets instructors apart lies outside traditional continuing education. Outside the letters after your name and the certifications on your wall. And in order to f...

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September 4, 2023 21 mins

Weekly newsletters, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos… None of it is rocket science. If you can get your kids to school with both shoes on, the pets fed, dinner on the table and brush your own teeth, you can totally do this. And if you’re in business for yourself, you should. Because you don’t have to know how the tech works in order to use it efficiently and I’m going to show you today how to set up a simple syst...

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The fitness industry is set up like a snake eating its tail. It gives certification and requires cecs to keep that certification and then offers limited sources of those approved credits.  New trainers and educators in the wellness space are conditioned to believe that if it doesn’t give us some external validation through approved CEC’s or the magic of letters after your name then it’s not worth the time to study. So we look for m...

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August 21, 2023 12 mins

Today I’m talking about coaching. When I say coach I’m talking about anyone who educates others about anything. From preschool to post doc, little league to pro athlete, boutique studios to big box gyms, school counselors to corporate consultants. Coaching of any kind is a business of change making and you can make it big or you can make it small and everything in between. But without courage, creativity and collaboration you can g...

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August 14, 2023 40 mins

10 areas to focus for optimal health
I love nutrition science. I’ve always been fascinated by the mechanism behind how the body creates and uses energy and the complex connections between all of the systems in the body and how food influences them. Ideally we would all get everything our body needs to function optimally from real, whole food. Theoretically if we did that then we wouldn’t need to count calories. Or even watch po...

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How to filter the click bait fads out of your diet..

The fitness industry is notorious for fads. Fad equipment, Fad formats and especially fad diets and supplements. Each one with claims that this will finally be the thing that will give you the results you have been searching for. Even if nothing you’ve tried has worked before, THIS will. Every few years there’s new science, new understanding, new technology, new supplements a...

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Taylor Byrer is a holistic nurse coach and owner of Byrer Integrative Wellness . She is a former ICU nurse who after suffering from burnout for years, shifted to travel nurse and finally left the ICU to be a post surgical recovery nurse in an attempt to try to escape chronic stress and physical dysfunction in her body.                                                            

She was forced to take a step back and truly liste...

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Just for fun!

Here are my top ten ways to win something as unwinnable as RAGBRAI.

Strangely they are applicable to pretty much every area of life as well.

It’s time to stop working out and start working IN. You found the Work IN podcast for fit-preneurs and their health conscious clients. This podcast is for resilient wellness professionals who want to expand their professional credibility, shake off stress and thr...

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Top 3 things I learned from Social media (that will cripple your business.)

Social media is supposedly THE tool to use for connection and organic growth and yet is simultaneously one of the most inauthentic and unsafe spaces in our culture today. What skills do you need to use social media as a tool while still showing up as the unique unfettered individual that you are? And how do you do that with getting canceled?

I’d like to ...

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