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April 6, 2022 25 mins

🎧 Kathleen loves listening to recruiting-related podcasts. 00:46

👔 Organizations need staff: the great resignation. 01:46

👻 Are job seekers finding themselves to be ghosted by recruiters? 03:11

🤯 No one reads cover letters: keywords, and the core questions in the interview.  05:20

🦄 The term recruiting is exchanged with talent acquisition. 07:42

😇 Matchmaker between employer and job seeker: how she builds trust with clients. 10:04

👧 Kathleen was creative and shy as a kid. 11:51

👩 Honesty with a smile and being authentic: the short giant.  14:44

👩‍💼 Building business: not giving up, being humble, and learning. 17:01

🔮 Future of recruiting: technology and accessibility are strengthening this niche.  18:01

⌨️ Kathleen’s roots and journey: hard work, ethics, confidence-building, and insane speed in typing. 20:22

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