Tim Kubiak's Bowties and Business Podcast

Tim Kubiak's Bowties and Business Podcast

Entrepreneurship is more than a current trend. Founding a business is a life long dream for many whether it’s from the beginning of their careers or at some point along the way. Business Entrepreneurs and Founders are what builds economies, creates industries, changes the world and ultimately employs tens of millions of people. Every business has its roots in an idea. An idea to build something new. Innovate, on existing product, to serve a customer need with features, innovation, availability or a better price. Most start modestly, others are multi generational, and some are created inside of house hold names.Starting in 2022 we’re bringing real businesses owners and founder to the to have frank and honest conversations about they why their businesses were created, what it took to build their companies, into the business they are.


November 17, 2021 24 mins

What is Digital Inclusion?  Today we continue our series on the issues of the digital divide with Scott Henley and Susan Kraurbauer of https://digitunity.org  

  1. Personal Vs Corporate – How to Help
  2. Why Mobile isn’t enough
  3. Return on Community

The mission of Digitunity is to eliminate the technology gap, through and with a network of stakeholders and solutions, so that everyone can thrive in a digitally connected society. Having a...

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Larry Birnbaum CEO and Co-Founder of Shopworn.com share his unique insights of what has taken to build SHopWorn into a multi-theater global route to market for luxury brands.

Key points of the conversation are 
Market, Geographic, and Product Offer expansion
Running and operating at the ever-expanding scale they have today. 
Currency and Crypto
Secondary vs Gray Markets and ho to compete


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Join Harry Brelsford and me from Acronis Cyberfit 2021 as we announce the launch of https://aom.world 

At AOM World you’ll feel like you are talking to yourself. Why? Because you are. This is a community of like-minded Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) professionals helping each other. The founders are seasoned technology professionals from distribution, enterprise technology and small and medium business (SMB) technol...

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October 6, 2021 30 mins

Businesses of all sizes struggle with communication.   Ben Baker shares how in as little as 4 hours he helps businesses of every size get an entire year's worth of social media content. 

Learn more at https://communicateyourwhy.com

Today's episode share insights into the power of podcasting.  Yes literally there are millions of them but if done right and support by guests and social media you have the ...

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Building and growing a business takes a strong sales effort and a lot of hard work.  In the world of Technology and Channel sales, it's no different.   Today's conversation is with Neal Stanton and successful entrepreneur who has built his own companies along with ones for investors, founders, and others.

It's a gloves-off, real conversation about walking close to the edge of failure, pressures, and bus...

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September 15, 2021 27 mins

Event sponsorships are not only for global corporations.  They can be for events and companies of all sizes.  This episode explores entrepreneurship and building successfully sponsored events. 

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Sheila Farragher-Gemma moved to the states in 1989 to pursue a corporate position. Her entrepreneurial nature soon took over and she founded and profitably sold several businesses before settlin...

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Building, and operating a successful technology business is one thing. Preparing to scale and exit is a new skill set altogether and that happened to be Jim Barnish Jr.s' specialty as an investor and operator of more than 25 established companies Jim and his team bring their expertise to owners looking to reach the next level and or exit their successful companies.  

Jim Barnish is a strategic change leader with over ...

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Building Your Small Business with Maria Lauren who is the founder of snd host to the Handmade CEO. Maria discusses work-life balance, pulling the entire family into the business during busy times, and the ability for anyone with the desire and drive to create and successfully run their own small business. 


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Success means different things to different people.  Often the image of a corporate executive is a family goal, life long career pursuit, and even a large part of a person's personal identity.  Liam Lenorad was on the path backed by a Yale education, a rocket ship career path, and all the right sponsors.  Not to mention his family's expectations.   One day he decided that success should be on his terms and he transformed ...

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Small family-run and independent restaurants face challenges across the board in terms of staff, training, and economies of scale.  Lucas Liu has helped to level the playing field with easy to install, cost-effective, and simple to use kiosks.  His solution is designed to support multiple languages giving immigrant business owners the ability to engage customers seamlessly.  The goal is to improve customer satisfaction, reduce kitc...

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You hear about serial entrepreneurs.  They're cute right. But most go back to the same well. yet successful business people come in all shapes and sizes and every walk of life.  Building a business and multiple brands as a creative entrepreneur takes an entirely different skill set.   Today we explore the multi-decade and multiple revenue streams behind with the man who created the persona and all that followed.  Entertained i...

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Luke has made and lost a million dollars, twice! The second time around he was a single dad and almost became homeless as a result. After literally losing almost everything he had in 2012, he went on to obtain his real estate sales license, and then his broker’s license, and then doubled his sales volume every year for 5 years straight. In 2016, Luke was selected to appear as a contestant for 9 episodes on the reality TV show, Sell...

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July 14, 2021 27 mins

Create a more fulfilling professional life and career by being relentlessly yourself.   Today we are joined by Author, coach, and speaker Evelien Van es who works with corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals to be relentlessly themselves and live a more fulfilling life.


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Amani Roberts

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June 3, 2021 28 mins

Today's Guest Mike Saunders helps individuals and companies stand out in a crowded field.  We discuss his authority marketing approach that has helped countless companies, coaches and individuals differentiate themselves. 

Mike Saunders, an MBA Marketing Expert, as the Authority Positioning Coach, I help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position of prestige & become TH...

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May 18, 2021 39 mins

Building Your Small Business with Maria Laurin who is the founder of snd host to the Handmade CEO. Maria discusses work-life balance, pulling the entire family into the business during busy times, and the ability for anyone with the desire and drive to create and successfully run their own small business. 


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