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A podcast between friends discussing games, movies, shows and books.


August 17, 2023 73 mins

Today we talk about about the latest John Wick film, Clash Royale getting deleted, the amazing BG 3 and more.

0:00:50: John Wick 4
0:07:55: Godzilla on Apple TV
0:10:47: Michael Cerra
0:12:25: Barbie
0:15:40: Scott Pilgram
0:26:38: Monark
0:30:00: Remnant 2
0:39:50: RIP Clash Royale
0:54:45: Baldur's Gate 3

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Mark as Played

We're Back!

00:01:40: Final Fantasy 16
00:05:00: Diablo 4
00:10:15: Aliens Dark Decent
00:15:30: Company of Heroes 3
00:19:45: All Alien and Predator movies
00:22:45: Spiderman
00:25:55: The Bear
00:31:00: Starfield
00:38:40: The Witcher
00:43:55: Silo


Mark as Played

Today we talk about some of our favorite remakes/remasters as well as a few that are good examples of what not to do.

0:01:09: We watched Blue Lock anime.
0:10:53: A new season of Overwatch 2.
0:13:47: Start of Remakes/Remasters.
0:14:36: Resident Evil 4.
0:19:27: The rest of the Resident Evil remakes/remasters.
0:24:22: Dead Space.
0:25:48: Spyro and Crash
0:27:26: Halo
0:29:26: Gra...

Mark as Played
April 2, 2023 109 mins

Today we talk about some gaming news, ps plus games for April and then we focus on talking about some of the shows, movies, books with bad endings that have affected us.

0:01:55: What JJ has been up to
0:10:25: What Charlie has been up to
0:15:40: Cyberpunk new expansion
0:16:24: Justin Roiland charges dropped
0:19:09: Scott Pilgram Anime
0:22:00: April PS Plus free games
0:26:05: Diablo 4 beta

Mark as Played

Today we are a member down, but we talk about, RE 4, Diablo 4, OW 2, Lance Reddick's passing and more!

0:00:48: What Charlie has been up to
0:04:21: What JJ has been up to
0:11:28: RE 4 demo
0:15:15: Diablo 4
0:18:28: Lance Reddick passing
0:19:42: OW 2 campaign
0:29:11: Willow
0:30:14: Twitch under new management
0:32:12: Last of Us Prediction confirmed
0:47:59: RE 4 GameStop pre...

Mark as Played
March 14, 2023 66 mins

Today we talk about a couple of shows that are coming back that we like, a couple of game delays, a dead by daylight movie in the works and more.

0:00:42: What JJ has been up to
0:07:00: What Charlie has been up to
0:25:50: What Tiff has been up to
0:39:37: Ted Lasso starts
0:40:43: Shadow and Bone
0:46:55: Suicide Squad delay
0:48:00: Starfield Release Date
0:49:45: Dead by Daylight movie<...

Mark as Played
February 26, 2023 70 mins

Today we have a fun episode talking about, Ant Man, Helluva Boss, Ted Lasso and more games coming out.

0:02:55: What Tiff has been up to
0:13:20: What JJ has been up to
0:30:30: What Charlie has been up to
0:38:20: PlayStation State of play
0:44:15: February games
0:47:20: Tiff changes the movies in the agreement
0:55:30: Charlie saw Ant Man
1:01:35: Ted Lasso and Shadow and Bone come back

Mark as Played
February 5, 2023 60 mins

Today's episode talks about Minecraft, The Day Before sketchiness, Netflix crackdown and a bunch more! 

0:00:39: What Tiff has been up to
0:04:30: What Charlie has been up to
0:18:20: What JJ has been up to
0:38:32: The Day Before....again
0:41:38: Netflix Password sharing crackdown (which after this episode they said that was a mistake)
0:46:37: PlayStation Plus Feb. free games
0:47:20: N...

Mark as Played
January 30, 2023 44 mins

Today we go over the Feb. games coming out, Justin Roiland leaving everything, the fight against JK Rowling and the new style of Xbox Developer-Direct

0:00:42: What Charlie has been up to
0:04:10: What JJ has been up to
0:22:52: Goldeneye on Xbox
0:23:34: Justin Roiland gone
0:25:19: The JK Rowling fight
0:30:49: Upcoming Feb. games
0:34:54: Xbox Bethesda Developer-Direct Games Showcase

Mark as Played
January 24, 2023 69 mins

Today we go over how we got Covid and have been away for a week and we talk about The Last of Us episode on HBO, games coming out in January PLUS our first giveaway!

0:00:40: Covid happened to the crew
0:03:45: What Tiff has been up to
0:20:45: What JJ has been up to
0:31:20: What Charlie has been up to
0:44:45: The Last of Us ep.1
0:45:30: Games coming out
0:56:16: Sons of the Forest

Mark as Played
January 19, 2023 40 mins

Today we go over the first episode of the long awaited The Last of Us show on HBO.

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Twitch: Mr_biglesworth69

Mark as Played
January 5, 2023 71 mins

Happy New Year! Today we talk about our personal and podcast goals along with the first round our free games on PlayStation.

0:01:09: What Tiff has been up to
0:14:15: What JJ has been up to
0:24:30: What Charlie has been up to
0:28:35: PlayStation Plus January 2023 free games
0:33:40: Upcoming games this year
0:50:15: Charlies hopes and goals for 2023
0:56:35: JJ's hopes and goals

Mark as Played

0:00:39: JJ was wrong again.
0:01:27: What JJ has been up to.
0:09:37: Henry Cavill new Venture in Warhammer 40k.
0:13:30: What Tiff has been up to (Shas prepared this time).
0:20:44: What Charlie has been up to.
0:24:43: New PlayStation plus games (Extra and Premium)
0:26:43: Our 2022 PlayStation wrap-up. (Those of us who played that is)
0:37:24: Plans for next New Years episode.
0:44:53: The PSVR2 ...

Mark as Played
December 16, 2022 73 mins

0:00:00: Potatoes are the best.
0:02:06: What Tiff has been up. (Books, Etsy and Cabinets of Curiosity)
0:11:48: What JJ has been up to. (The Calisto Protocol, High on Life, The Strain)
0:21:03: JJ is a filthy liar!
0:23:11: What Charlie has been up to. (FF7 Crisis Core, Hunt Showdown and lots of gundam)
0:26:00: Hunt Showdown Devils Moon.
0:33:26: Henry Cavill is out as Superman.
0:37:35: Overwatch 2 ne...

Mark as Played

0:00:00: Bad puzzles and JJ's LIES
0:02:34: New sound panels and Tiff was right.
0:03:34: What Charlie has been up to. (God of war, Pokemon Violet, and movies
 0:30:35: What JJ has been up to. (GOW, Stray, All Quiet on the Western Front, youtube videos and JJs burning question.)
0:49:43: What Tiff has been up to (Puzzles, Minecraft (big surprise), starting Mistborn book series, new Armentrout boo...

Mark as Played
November 20, 2022 90 mins

We talk about our top pick for scary game series as well as the backward ways that Nintendo goes about doing things.

0:00:35: What Tiffs been up to. (Time to read)
0:03:38: What JJ has been up to (Everyone played VR)
0:17:58: What Charlie has been up to. (Black Panther 2)
0:21:23: Rant 1; Charlie wants his PSVR2 reserve!
0:24:02: Nintendo ass backward ways.
0:34:48: Our recommended horror games.

Mark as Played

Today we discuss the sad news of the Witcher and Westworld as well JJ and Tiffs opinions of Rings of Power, possible new Avatar TLA, Hazbin Hotel release date and PSVR2.

0:00:30: What the house has been up to.
0:03:35: JJ's feelings on The DioField Chronicle.
0:11:55: Non sponsored but loved.
0:13:08: New Season of Minecraft Realm.
0:14:48: JJ almost done with his "good" book series.

Mark as Played
November 4, 2022 24 mins

Today we talk about our recent move and the two week absence. Along with plans for the future we discuss our Nightmare Before Christmas and JJ's thoughts on House of the Dragon, oh and Charlie gets a 3d printer. =]

YouTube: Topadoes Media Junkies

Mark as Played

Today is all about the Spooky! We go over some good horror movie recommendations and have a talk about horror movies we enjoy in general.

0:00:31: What Charlie has been up to
0:14:00: What JJ has been up to
0:29:55: What Tiff has been up to
0:39:40: PlayStation Stars is here
0:47:20: Horror movie talk 


Mark as Played

Today we go over happened with the Overwatch 2 launch, the new trailer for the Mario movie, an excellent action movie, the upcoming Minecraft mob vote and more. 

0:00:45: What JJ has been up to
0:11:15: What Tiff has been up to
0:23:12: What Charlie has been up to
0:29:50: Overwatch 2 launch issues
0:44:25: NY Comic-Con
0:59:00: New Mario movie trailer
1:06:20: Netflix Dayshift movie
1:10:35: De...

Mark as Played

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