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January 11, 2021 67 min
Support Topic Lords on Patreon and get episodes a week early! ( Lords: * John of the Maryland Johns * Jay of Hypnospace * Topics: * When you're more interested in following news about things than the things themselves: When will the rumored The Cure albums come out? No Man's Sky updates. What is Josh Sawyer working on? * Realizing that your funny friend as a child was just repeating lines from HBO comedy specials that you weren't allowed to watch. * The Terminator 2 soundtrack and the Fairlight CMI 3 * * I couldn't find a source for the analog modeling synth running on a 60s mainframe, but I did find this example of early digital synthesis from 1961: * Fairlight is the name of a village in East Sussex, England. I could've sworn it was one of Santa's reindeer or something like that. * Kevin asks "The diminishing returns technologically with each passing console generation. For instance, NES to SNES was a massive leap, whereas you can barely distinguish ps4 games from ps5 games." * Adventures in cooking: share tales of delicious things you have made recently Microtopics: * A game about the old internet. * Figuring out who DMed John. * Doing better at a game than all the people who don't know that the game exists. * Searching things a lot when you're on the toilet. * Being more interested in news about the cure for COVID than about the cure itself. * The three rumored The Cure albums that have been teased for the past four years. * Identifying as someone who cares about video games long after you no longer have time to play video games. * The cultural event of Blaseball. * Whether you are less interested in things as you get older or if you just have less time. * Not buying a Raspberry Pi because you definitely don't have time to play with it. * Sitting two feet away from a 50 inch television and trying to get RetroArch working. * Buying a NES and SNES Classic but never actually playing the games. * Whether Bonk's Adventure is good in 2020. * Kanye West naming an album Turbo Grafx 16. * Naming your The Beatles tribute band The Beatles. * Being exposed to Monty Python primarily by your friends who constantly quote lines out of context. * Finally watching Monty Python and realizing your funny friend has never made an original joke in his life. * Friends who communicate solely in movie one liners. * Making friends with a kid who always says lines from Duke Nukem 3D and learning to say them yourself even though you've never heard of Duke Nukem. * Whether anyone actually knew what Cornholio actually was. * The abject cultural domination of Beavis and Butthead. * Whether or not the listeners will want to know what a ROMpler is. * A $60,000 industrial-strength sampler/synthesizer in your garage. * Playing naturalistic orchestral samples at unnaturally low playback speeds. * A terrifying grindy klaxon sound. * An unstoppable liquid metal monster with a jaunty soundtrack. * Supercomputers producing digital audio in not real time. * The Mellotron. * The brass hit sample used in Owner of a Lonely Heart. * Whether Fairlight the warez group has any relation to Fairlight the synthesizer company. * Emulating the crustiness of the Fairlight CMI. * Where to find all the samples that came built-in to the Fairlight CMI. * Audible frowns. * Just throwing polygons at the rasterizer. * Being clever and squeezing every last drop of performance out of the new consoles and it still doesn't look that much better. * The visual quality of a console you grew up playing being acceptable forever. * Noticing the hottest new game graphics for fifteen minutes and after that you're just playing a video game again. * How we could be up to the NES 6 or the Wii U by now. * Playing Wii Sports and not noticing or caring that the Wii can play other games. * Completely ignoring F2P games until one of your relatives turns out to be susceptible to gambling addiction. * How Nintendo spent the Breath of the Wild budget. * Shielding your eyes when you see a map because you don't want to know too much about the world. * Which Breath of the Wild HUD modes include a compass. * Stuffed mushrooms. * The only recipe that your family makes literally every Thanksgiving. * Making a tray of stuffed mushrooms where the seasoning is different on every mushroom. * A Delicious Chore. * Eggs on toast with remoulade. * The default thing you put on a sandwich. * Espresso machine eggs. * The hypothetical standalone steamer arm. * Promising to not promote anyone's Kickstarter. * What Jim will do with a sharp knife if he gets one for Christmas. * Putting a salmon in the fridge until it desiccates. * Whether scales are a kind of skin. * Knowing you really ought to eat fish. * Putting cabbage in the oven until it's melted cabbage. * Two people who are the same height but one looks taller because their legs are longer. * Dog content on this podcast. * Allowing both pronunciations of Jay's name. * Katie content on this podcast. * A baby becoming a person after basically being a potato for a while. * John's one (1) tweet.
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