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May 2, 2024 28 mins


The conversation features Coach KJ and members of the CU Buffaloes women's triathlon team discussing their experience at the National Championship.

They talk about the challenges of the race, the team's performance, and the importance of having fun while competing.

The team had a strong showing, with several athletes finishing in the top 10.

They also won the Spirit Award, showcasing their positive team culture.

The conversation highlights the team's dedication, camaraderie, and the impact of their coaches.

  • The CU Buffaloes women's triathlon team had a successful performance at the National Championship, with several athletes finishing in the top 10.
  • The team's positive team culture and focus on having fun contributed to their success.
  • The coaches played a crucial role in supporting and motivating the athletes.
  • The team's dedication and camaraderie were evident throughout the race.
  • Winning the Spirit Award showcased the team's positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • The Impact of Coaches on the Team's Performance
  • Balancing Fun and Performance: The Key to Success

  • Quotes:

  • "We won it! Yeah. It was awesome."
  • "The culture. There was just a huge shift this year. And I think we had all the pieces. We were just missing that one piece that was KJ and it just worked so well."
  • "The numbers, right? Like that rising tide floats all boats. So I mean, it's just that energy that brings everybody up and that's really cool. That's special, that's special."

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