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October 27, 2023 55 mins
Sam Higgins had her life turned upside down when she suddenly started hearing voices back in 2007. While this brought elements of confusion, chaos, and intensity into her already interesting life, instead of simply trying to drug them into silence Sam got really curious about the voices and gradually worked on integrating them into her life. Instead of labelling them or herself, Sam decided to see if she could learn both from and with the voices. What are they? Where do they originate from? Are they part of her? How does it all work? The result of her curiosity and openness is that Sam can make for some incredibly interesting conversation on hearing voices, the nature of self, spirituality, and the weirdness of reality in general. Sam's story is one of triumph of the human spirit over internal intensity and chaos, as well as over the limiting concepts and attitudes within the mental health and medical system in general. Ignoring doctors' advice to forget about studying or a career, Sam rose above the stagnant conceptual boxes prescribed for voice hearers in general. Her perspective will undoubtedly challenge and expand people's ideas about what it means to hear voices, and how we can grapple with the phenomenon from a non-dogmatic and adaptive perspective. Grab Sam's book VISIONARY: ADVENTURES IN EXPANDED PERCEPTION on, or you can email her at: for a signed copy if you're in Australia. Her IG: Special Guest: Sam Higgins.
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