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Ultra Rare Life

It is possible to start the business you always dreamed of, take ownership to your health, develop relationships that are everlasting, and center it with the cornerstone of faith. Too many people talk about them separately, when actually all of those make up who you are. Get ready to design your Ultra Rare life as I pay it forward and serve you with the fundamentals to blaze a new trail in your life.


August 24, 2023 36 mins

Are your kids anxious about going back to school? Are you struggling to get them back onto a sleep pattern after a long summer break? 

Our kids are suffering from the worst mental health crisis we have seen in our lives. Between peer pressure, sports pressure, social media pressure, academic pressure, there is more pressure on our kids than ever before. 

Dr Kevin Rouse does a deep dive into ho...

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Ep. 104 - Leaky Gut And BURNING Fat With Dr. Shawn Talbott

Burn, baby, burn! Dr. Shawn and I deep dive into his latest innovation, called Burn. What it is, how it works, and how it’s burning fat the Mental Wellness way. 


Ingredients sourced from around the world that the average person will never be able to find, Dr. Shawn shares how it supports our bodies. 

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January 16, 2023 21 mins

Ep. 103 - You Are A Diamond In the Rough

“You are a diamond in the rough.” What does that actually mean? It's a phrase my husband always says to me that I never fully understood what he really meant. 


So I did some research on how a diamond is formed. It is incredible and mind blowing. In this Episode of Ultra Rare Life I dive into how a diamond is formed and ...

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December 21, 2022 20 mins

Ep. 102 - Expect Problems

Expect problems. There have always been problems and there always will be. No matter what you end up doing in life, when you expect problems it will change how you show up to overcome these problems and you will have more tools and strategies to deal with them. 


In this episode of Ultra Rare Life I share the tools that have helped me ...

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Ep. 101 - Jesus Said This Life Won’t Be Easy

The 101 lessons I’ve learned over the years of the warning Jesus gave all of us. This life won't be easy. There are hardships no matter what route you take in life. 


In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I cover the life lessons I’ve learned & share what others have done to overcome the hards in this life. Plus, the c...

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Ep. 100 - Celebrating The TOP Episodes Of Ultra Rare Life 

 In this episode of Ultra Rare Life I cover the past 100 episodes and some of your favorites! 


I go back and cover why I named my podcast Ultra Rare Life, some of your favorite guest speakers and their stories, hearing from doctors,  business, marriage, mental wellness, and faith. 

Step on back...

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October 10, 2022 18 mins

Ep. 99 - The Power of Failing

You are not always a winner and that’s okay. In the power of failing you LEARN and that is priceless. So many well known names, Walt Disney, Thomas Eddison, have failed multiple times. They’ve been told they’re not good enough. If they would have quit, we wouldn’t have Disney World or the light bulb. 


In this episode of Ultra Rare...

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September 12, 2022 32 mins

Ep. 98 - How Mental Fitness Changed My Life

A person's mental fitness indicates their ability to think clearly and to make decisions efficiently and efficiently. In this episode I share with you how mental fitness changed my life. 


Five years ago I was in a really tough place personally in my life. It was dark and it was tough. It was not what I envisioned or ...

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Creating extra streams of income the right way is a really important topic. The price increase of gas, groceries, and inflation has made us realize we need to look at our financial portfolios differently. A plan B & multiple streams of income is what I want to shed light on for you, but doing it the RIGHT way.


I’ve seen ...

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Dr. Kevin Rouse shares his expertise on kids mental health & shares what he sees in his office. Kids are under a lot of stress and a lot of what he sees is stressed induced. Dr. Rouse shares symptoms that could be stress induced, what to look for, & a natural approach to help support kids that struggle with lack of focus, tummy aches, digestive problems, sleep problems, behavior changes, and moodines...

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Ep. 95 - The SECRET IS OUT! Balancing Hormones - Dr. Shawn Talbott

Dr Shawn shares his latest & greatest formula that is all about balancing hormones. This is category changing and something no one is talking about, but NEEDS to be addressed.


40% to 50% of people struggle with the problem of having unbalanced hormones. Lack of desire, people feeling blah, men ...

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June 23, 2022 19 mins

We don’t learn how to balance our health in school. Heck, we don’t learn how to balance our health through our healthcare system. Did you know the USA has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, yet we’re one of the sickest countries?? 


In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I share what I’ve learned over the years from my career, my husband being extr...

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Ep. 93 Becoming A Multimillionaire: Top 7 Things I Learned

Becoming a multimillionaire, you learn a lot of lessons. In this episode I share with you my top 7. The mindset of money, earning passive income, multiple streams of income, and your WHY. 


These are some of the top things I go through, how I did it and tips on how you can do the same. It takes work, co...

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April 28, 2022 51 mins

On this episode, a new friend of mine shares his lifetime story of overcoming. This is a MUST listen too. We all face obstacles and hardships, but it's how we come out of them determines our future. Get ready to grab a notebook and pen to write down the wisdom you'll take away from this episode. 


You can find me on social media at:



Visit my webs...

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March 28, 2022 13 mins

We are currently in the process of remodeling our lake house. Each phase is different. Messy, there are setbacks, it takes time & doesn't happen overnight, some phases are NOT pretty, but they are the most important. Each phase is different, beautiful in its own way and it got me thinking. 


In this episode of Ultra rare life I cover the importance of the different "phases." The phases of losing weight, taking care of your mental ...

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Prescription to holistic, Sandra Wells spent 30 years as a pharmacist. She shares how the times have changed and dives into what’s really going on in our health care system and why we need to change and be educated on the topic.


A passion for helping and caring for others is what has fueled her and she shares the MISSING piece to our health and HOW we can take care of ourselves better.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott dive into the science of losing weight the mental wellness way through an eat, sleep, move program with a QUADbiotic. 

Sick of all the "fad" diets, counting calories, and the impossible to maintain programs that don't fit into your lifestyle long term? Sick of gaining all the weight back after putting all that work into losing it? 

Tune in as Dr. Shawn dives into the science of how your weight is NOT your fault a...

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Being happy for others. What are the benefits and importance of it? When it comes to being happy for others it is SUPER important. The reality is, you don’t know what someone really has going on behind closed doors or what it took for them to get where they are. So don’t judge, compare, covet, or let jealousy take over. 


In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I g...

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Consistency and being consistent is WAY more important than perfectionism. The secrets to being consistent are much more simple. But, in this episode I get into the “wall” we run into when we work on achieving our goals. 


Usually, by week 3 of being consistent towards achieving our goal, we tend to hit that “wall.” We start to second guess what we are doing. I...

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Hormonal imbalances and menopause are things a LOT of women struggle with. How do we, as women, manage this? A lot of the time prescriptions that are offered, might help one symptom we have, but only to have a new symptom arise or make a symptom we already had, worse. Is there something we can do or take that is natural, holistic, actually works, and doesn’t have any side effects?


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