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April 16, 2024 66 mins
In a world riddled with conflict, where headlines scream of violence and unrest, the age-old question resurfaces: Is war ever justified, or should Christians wholeheartedly embrace pacifism? Join esteemed scholars Nigel Biggar and Stanley Hauerwas as they delve into the moral complexities of war and peace from a Christian perspective in this classic replay episode. Nigel Biggar, renowned theologian and ethicist, brings his nuanced understanding of just war theory, exploring the conditions under which Christians might find themselves compelled to engage in warfare. Stanley Hauerwas, also a leading voice in Christian ethics, advocates for a radical alternative: pacifism. Hauerwas challenges listeners to reconsider conventional notions of power and violence, urging a transformative approach rooted in love and nonviolence. This episode originally aired on: 8 November 2014 • Subscribe to Unbelievable? podcast: on your preferred platform to never miss an episode, and join the conversation as we explore the nuances of belief, skepticism, and the evolving landscape of modern thought. • Rate and review this podcast in your podcast provider to help others discover the podcast • Get in touch with us to share your questions for upcoming shows! • Support us:
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