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May 3, 2024 79 mins
This week's episode dives deep into one of the most challenging philosophical questions humanity has grappled with for centuries: the problem of natural evil. Hosted by Vince Vitale the show delves into the complexities of evil that seem inherent to the fabric of our world – earthquakes, famines, diseases – phenomena that sometimes shake our faith in a benevolent God. We're joined by two brilliant minds with divergent perspectives. Sharon Dirckx, a renowned speaker, author, and Christian apologist, returns to Unbelievable? and brings her insights rooted in faith and intellect. With a background in brain imaging from the University of Cambridge, Sharon's latest book, "Broken Planet," offers a compelling exploration of the theological implications of natural disasters and diseases. Also returning as a guest to Unbelievable is Stephen Woodford, the influential voice behind the Rationality Rules YouTube channel. With a focus on dismantling religious and supernatural beliefs, Stephen brings a rationalist perspective to the table. #evil #naturalevil #pandemic #Satan #God #theodicy #disaster #tsunami SOCIAL LINKS: Twitter: Facebook: / Instagram: / Tik Tok: / • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • More shows, free eBook & newsletter: • For live events: • For online learning: • Support us in the USA: • Support us in the rest of the world:
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