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May 24, 2024 75 mins
Trust in our elected officials seems at an all-time low. Moral failures, infighting, and scandals have become commonplace. Today, on Unbelievable? we ask, Can we rediscover the moral compass in politics? With crucial primaries taking place in the USA and an election in the UK on July 4 we are asking what should be the standard for behaviour of elected officials? And who decides? The discussion is hosted by BBC veteran broadcaster Roger Bolton. Can politics uplift and inspire? Is our political identity intertwined with our personal one? How can Christians reshape politics for the greater good? Michael Wear, the founder of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, emphasizes the importance of gentleness in American political dialogue. As a key figure in President Obama's faith outreach and a prolific writer, Wear advocates for integrating Christian values into public life for the benefit of all. Watch out for another perspective on this topic from Shane Idleman, coming soon on Unbelievable?. #politics #election #morality #moralpolitics #christiannationalism SOCIAL LINKS: Twitter: Facebook: / Instagram: / Tik Tok: / Other shows to check on for other perspectives on this topic: 📺 Is Christian Nationalism playing politics? | Michael Bird vs Stephen Wolfe hosted by Billy Hallowell 📺 Should faith and politics mix? | Peter Wehner, Jonathan Rauch with Vince Vitale
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