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April 19, 2024 76 mins
For too long, the ‘science and religion’ debate has fixated on creation, evolution, cosmology, miracles and quantum theory, and not enough on the essence of what it means to be human. But this is a mistake argues one of our guests today, Christian academic Nick Spencer, Senior Fellow at Theos, in his new book ‘Playing God: science, religion and the future of humanity.’ Back on the show is Emily Qureshi-Hurst expert on the philosophy of time. Emily is a Lecturer in Philosophy at Oriel College, University of Oxford and together Nick and Emily sort out the role of science and belief when it comes to questions of personhood and the future of humanity. Ably led by host Andy Kind, Unbelievable? digs back into that perennial question, ‘can science and religion come together - furiously or fruitfully - over the status and nature of what it means to be human’? #ai #eugenics #whatisahuman #scienceandreligion SOCIAL LINKS: Twitter: / unbelievablefe Facebook:  / premierunbelievable Instagram:  / premierunbelievable Tik Tok: / premierunbelievable • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • Support us: FOR NICK: Read Nick Spencer and Hannah Waite's book Playing God: Science, Religion and the Future of Humanity Theos: ⬇️ Follow Nick on Social Media X: @theosnick FOR EMIlY: Read Emily Qureshi-Hurst's book God, Salvation and the Problem of Spacetime Online: At Oxford: ⬇️ Follow Emily on Social Media X: @equreshihurst For more on on this and related topics check out: 🎧 Generative Ai: second contact, avoiding the fate of Nokia, hacking the human operating system, and the resiliency of Western democracy Matters of Life and Death Podcast 📺 Can Science tell us what it means to be human? Philip Ball and Nick Spencer on The Big Conversation 📺 Are we just our brains? Sharon Dirckx and Emily Qureshi-Hurst on Unbelievable? Podcast
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