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The Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast is a quick conversation with Sue Patterson, coach, author, and mother of 3 grown unschoolers. Sue shares inspiration and tips to help you find the unschooling confidence you're looking for! Even if you’re more of a “homeschooler” than an “unschooler,” these 10 minute(ish) podcasts can help you find more joy in parenting, educating and connecting with your children!


February 14, 2024 10 mins

I have a Bonus Episode for you this week! Last minute add-on!

What's the big takeaway when an unschooling mom looks back?
Lean into the Love.

Originally written in 2012, and now updated for 2024, Sue Patterson share's what she wish she had known... way back when.

More Valentine's Day info:

Join Sue's Unsch...

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Unschoolers don't have to skip out on the fun that Valentine's Day can bring. 
I know, it's Hallmark Celebration... and lots of people are not big fans. But you kids might enjoy some aspects of it - and I've pulled together 10 activities your family might like to try. 

  • Science Projects
  • Party food ideas
  • Jokes/Riddles
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Videos
  • Love Languages
  • TONS of MEMES - some would be so fun to text to your big...
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I have 5 Signs that it may be time for you to start unschooling!

Whether you've been homeschooling and it's not working out as planned, or you're looking for alternatives to public schools, I want to share how to get started homeschooling from an unschooling perspective.

I know, it can be scary to do something this unconventional, but gather some information and support, and you'll be able to...

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January 29, 2024 11 mins

Many of us memorized math facts that we don't use a lot in our adult lives. But what if I told you that you actually DO use many of them - even the Pythagorean Theorem - but you just don't realize it?

This is a little different podcast this week, prompted by something that happened to me after a podcast interview as well as something I've seen recently on social media - you probably have too!

So let...

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After spending most of the month talking about typical unschooling days - and how nothing is really "typical", this week, I'm doing a 180!
Turns out, there ARE some things that are typical in the day in the life of a successful unschooling family. And I want you to know what that is!  Actually, I've come up with SEVEN Tips that set successful unschooling parents apart from the rest.

I now have a T...

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What IS an unschooling day like?
That's one of the most common questions when parents are thinking about unschooling as a homeschooling option. We KNOW what school looks like. We even have a pretty good guess about what traditional school-at-home homeschooling looks like. But unschooling? That's a different story!

Sue Patterson shares insight on what's typical about unschooling days - and what's t...

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So many people struggle with deschooling.  It's probably less about doing it "right" or "wrong" and more about recognizing that it's not a one-and-done kind of thing.  We're in a hurry to get on with it, right? 

This Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast is all about REALLY examining deschooling.
Can you do it in a week or a month and then plug the kids into an, albeit modified, version of sc...

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As the semester winds down, many homeschooling parents are taking another look at their options. 
Maybe these past few months weren't what they expected.
Maybe they'd like something different.

Whether you're new to homeschooling this year, or you've been doing this for a little while, here's the reassurance you need that you're not alone!
AND the information you need to know you...

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December 6, 2023 9 mins

Here's your open invitation to give unschooling a try this month!
I have a lot of resources to help you see what it's like.
Here are few mentioned on today's podcast:

Unschooling Guide: Holiday Learning
This mini-magazine will show you all the subjects weaving through typical holiday activities. Once you see this, you won't feel guilty about ditching the curriculum this month!

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November 27, 2023 9 mins

Competition, comparison, and measuring our children may seem natural to us - because that's how we were raised. But maybe it's working against us as we move toward unschooling. 
Sue Patterson shares 4 ideas to consider that may help you make a healthier shift for yourself and your kids.

3 other podcasts mentioned: 

Join the ...

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While we may be a little nervous about this season of get-togethers with friends and family - our kids may need a little help from us.

Prepping ahead of time is the key to success!

This Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast/blogpost will show you how to get everyone out of The Hot Seat!

Unschooling Resources Mentioned

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November is the month a lot of people focus on the benefits of Gratitude. 
Creating Gratitude Journals is one of the most popular tools. 
Some of our kids may love to write and journal while others... not so much! 
This podcast is all about seeing the different ways we can use the concept of Gratitude Journals - whether your kids are writers or not! 

Here are a few resources mentioned in the podcast:

Mark as Played

Are you choosing to unschooling, but your own parents are not embracing it?
Sue Patterson shares what may be going on in this week's Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast!

Go to the website to see the graphic mentioned.

Unschooling Resources
Unschooling Guide: Critics and Naysayers
This PDF Guide will help you as you deal with your own critics.

Creating Confidence Membership Group
Sometimes we...

Mark as Played

With Halloween a week away, this episode of the Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast is all about some of the issues that might pop up for us, like:

  • Candy consumption
  • Big Kids trick-or-treating
  • Criticism from people who don't like how we want to do things

If you hop over to the website, you'll see the transcript but also a collection from other unschooling parents: 

  • Halloween Movies
  • Halloween Books
  • Link for Pinterest activit...
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October 17, 2023 8 mins

When we're not moving in the direction of lesson plans and curriculum, what's an unschooler to do? Brainstorm with the Kids!
That's what we're talking about this week. Here are some of the resources mentioned in this Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast.

Unschooling Resources for You!
Unschooling Guide: Brainstorm Time!
Use this as your planning tool to figure things out WITH the kids!


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October 5, 2023 11 mins

Quick answer: YES! 

This week's Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast will walk you through some of the nuances connected with "being legal."

  • How to find the laws that apply where you live
  • How to interpret the requirements
  • How to handle documentation
  • How unschoolers "cover" subjects when they're required
  • Even Info for International unschoolers

You can read the transcript here:
Is ...

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September 25, 2023 12 mins

Even if you aren't unschooling, these tips will help you see how your homeschooling experience with the kids could be so much better!

Sue Patterson shares nearly 30 years of experience here on this week's podcast, helping you think about what matters and what doesn't really matter TO YOU.

While you'll continue to deshool - because we can't see everything all at once, these ideas will pla...

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September 17, 2023 14 mins

People have been referring to unschooling as unparenting for decades - and nothing could be farther from the truth!

When people use the term “unparenting,” they usually mean something like this:

  • No assistance or direction from the parents
  • Parents who don’t publicly reprimand their kids when they don’t conform socially.
  • Parents not enforcing bed times, allowing “back talk,” – not adhering to mainstream parenting techniques
  • ...
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September 11, 2023 10 mins

Unschooling is widely misunderstood on the internet!
Sue Patterson, who unschooled her own 3 now-grown "kids" shares how to be successful at interpreting unschooling.

Thinking of it as a compass, it points you toward more individualization and more connection as opposed to simply duplicating what is familiar. It's time to rethink how we approach learning, parenting, and kids! This Unschooling Mom2Mom p...

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September 4, 2023 8 mins

Just because school has started doesn't mean summer is over!

Unschoolers get to have summer until temperatures show that it really isn't summer any more! No artificial season changes, just because school says so!

 In this podcast, we talk about how to get the most out of these very summery September days!

Unschooling Resources Mentioned:

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