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June 4, 2023 32 mins
Listen in as we take a closer look at the apostle Peter and his encounter with Christ and how he went from catching nothing all night to having an abundant harvest.
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People want to take a stand but have never learned to sit down. In order to stand we must sit. You will understand as you listen. Prepare to have an encounter with God during this Pentecost Sunday message.
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May 21, 2023 28 mins
Jesus took his closest disciples up the mountain and was transfigured right before their eyes. We all love the mountain top experiences. There's nothing like being in the presence and glory of God. And just like Peter, there is a tendency to want to stay on the mountain. However, as much as they enjoyed the mountain top experience, it was necessary for them and for us also to come down into the valley. Listen in as we explore...
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May 14, 2023 30 mins
What does a tree do during a time of drought? It sends its roots deeper in search of water. What do we do in a time when we don't feel God or sense His presence? We have to press in and develop a strong root system. Listen in and find out how.
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May 7, 2023 33 mins
Everyone wants to have a good life and many are chasing after things that they believe will give them the life they want. However, true life cannot be found in anything this world has to offer because true life is not in things. True life is a person: Jesus Christ. So why do so many not come to Jesus to find the life they desperately need? It all has to do with this ONE THING that Jesus offers ALL who come to him for life. Listen i...
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April 30, 2023 36 mins
A farmer plants seed, works the land and then expects a harvest and enjoy the fruit of his labour. God is also a farmer and there is a harvest that He is looking for from our lives. What is God after, specifically, from us? Listen in as we answer this question.
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April 23, 2023 30 mins
"Seeing is Believing". But what if you don't see anything? Can you still believe? What if there is a better way? Jesus seemed to think so because he made this statement: "Blessed is the one who believes even though they have not seen". What is the key for us to be able to Believe even when we don't see? Listen in and find out.
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April 16, 2023 34 mins
If you don't want your boat to drift, you drop the anchor. Even in seemingly calm waters, the anchor is needed because of the powerful undercurrents in the water that can cause the boat to drift. In a spiritual sense, we need to be anchored so that we are not "tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine by deceitful men". We need an anchor to keep us from drifting spiritually. The good news is that God has provided ...
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April 9, 2023 30 mins
We've all heard these words: "go to your room!" Usually, it was because we were being disciplined for doing something wrong. Let me challenge you to rethink those words. As you listen, allow the Holy Spirit to redefine the meaning of those words so that they are no longer fearful, negative words. Instead they will become the most beautiful, inviting words you have ever heard!
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April 2, 2023 27 mins
The cry of Moses was "show me your glory!" God answered that cry and He will answer our cry to see His glory. Listen in as we explore what this glory looks like and what it means for us.
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March 26, 2023 27 mins
"Life is a highway, I want to drive it all night long." A catchy phrase from a popular song. Life is indeed a journey and we are all driving down the highway. But the question is: "are you on the right road?" Is the highway you are traveling taking you to the desired destination. There is a highway that you can travel on that is a most beautiful, safe and fulfilling road there is. It will always lead you to the ...
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March 19, 2023 27 mins
Why does a woman play "hard to get?' It's a test to gauge and determine how sincere and devoted the man really is. She needs to know that the man is willing to pay whatever price is needed to have her; that she is of such great value to him that she is worth chasing after; that she is loved for who she is not for what she can do. Why did God make the woman to behave in this way? Could it be because that's how ...
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March 12, 2023 23 mins
God desires to be with His people and pour out His glory. However, He is unable because a suitable seat has not been built for Him. Listen in as we explore what is required of us in order to see the glory of God manifested.
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March 5, 2023 24 mins
In 1 Ki.18:30 it says that Elijah repaired the altar of the LORD. However the word "repaired" is a Hebrew word that literally means to heal or bring back to health. Why would this Hebrew word be used and not the regular word that means to repair, build, establish? How do you heal an altar? Wouldn't it make more sense to say that Elijah "fixed" the altar? What is God wanting us to see here? Listen in as we ...
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February 26, 2023 38 mins
"What makes you think that your God is true?' " Is there really only one God?" "Aren't all religions the same?" Have you faced those or similar questions? Maybe you have even asked them yourself. How do you know if the God you serve is the real God? Elijah faced those same questions and had this answer: " the God who answers by fire, He is the true God." Listen in as we explore what thi...
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February 19, 2023 35 mins
Join us as we continue to look at how the service of God's house was set in order. Having removed the filth. and consecrating the utensils. it was now time to begin to offer the sacrifices. Listen in as we look at what types of sacrifices were made and their significance for us today.
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February 12, 2023 36 mins
Paul made this statement: "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the power of God unto salvation." If you want to experience the power of God, you will find it in the gospel. You can't access God's power outside of the gospel. But all this power hinges on one thing: " for all who believe". Do you truly believe?
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February 5, 2023 28 mins
If I prepared a delicious meal but served it in a dirty, grungy dish, would you eat it? Probably not. Because clean dishes are important. God has a meal he wants to serve to the world. It's absolutely amazing, but He needs clean dishes to serve this meal. You and I ARE those dishes. So as Paul says, how do we remove the impurities and become a" vessel of honour" (a clean dish)? The answer might surprise you. Listen...
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January 29, 2023 25 mins
Everybody wants a clean house. In the same way everyone deep down, wants a clean life. The problem is the way we go about cleaning up the "filth". For too many of us, we are trying to get rid of the filth but can't seem to do it. What if what we think is filth really isn't? What if the real filth is something else? Listen in as we explore these two important questions: 1. What is the filth in our lives? and 2. ...
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January 22, 2023 27 mins
There is a coming shift in the church. A shift of focus and attention from man-centered service to God-centered service. And along with this shift of focus will return something that has been lacking in the church for a long time. Listen in to find out.
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