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June 15, 2021 51 mins

Kylie Ohlmiller, a Professional Lacrosse player for the AU, 4x All American, Team USA Lacrosse player and Brine sponsored Athlete, shares her journey to becoming pro and how starting her own program, called KO17 Lacrosse and launching the next evolution of Brine has brought joy and meaning beyond the field. Kylie shares the challenges she faced in her lacrosse career, and the lessons she learned during her time in college and on Team USA Lacrosse. In this episode, Kylie reminds us that the journey to become a professional athlete is not easy, and that we will face many obstacles along the way. Although as athletes we love to set goals and focus on the future we should also enjoy the moments that are happening now. Celebrate the wins, find meaning in the struggles and always remember to stay true to who we are both on and off the field. “Enjoy what's going on around you, enjoy the moments that are happening now, your future is going to come. Don't worry about it so much, but enjoy the moments that you have now” - Kylie Ohlmiller

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