We, the 90s

We, the 90s

We, the 90s is a report-style podcast where each episode your hosts take you back in time to the days of AOL, Furbies and your favorite boy & girl bands. We cover all areas that made this decade our favorite. The time of 80s nostalgia is dead. We, the 90s is here to fill the void.


August 2, 2021 80 mins

We get a little dark this episode as Lizzy informs us about the infamous, unsolved 1996 case of JonBenet Ramsey's death. David puts all of his skills acquired from Batman comics to try to solve it, Jo blames everyone and Thomas sits back and provides nothing in this harrowing episode of We, the 90s!

0:00 - We Are the 90s

5:40 - December 26th, 1996
18:15 - Big House Problem
20:30 - The Investigati...

Mark as Played

This week on the show Jolene talks about the software that made us all child-criminals: Napster! (also look up E-Donkey200... it's a good time). AND for the 1st time ever, we have a Topic Update on everything Britney Spears! #FreeBritney #DontForgetWeStillHateDianeSawyer

0:00 - We Are the 90s
1:30 - #FreeBritney update!
28:20 - Napster
33:45 - The Beginning of the End... of Napster
46:30 - The Evo...

Mark as Played
June 30, 2021 89 mins

Oops we did it for the first time - Lizzy shares with us the history, successes and hardships of the Princess of Pop: Britney Spears. Listen in as we all try to convince David to join the #FreeBritney and #FuckDianeSawyer movements!

0:00 - We Are the 90s
6:00 - Britneyyyyyy
8:12 - Britney Begins
28:00 - Britney Goes Bald
32:45 - The Conservatorship
1:02:30 - Britney's Accolades
1:03:35 - ...

Mark as Played
June 30, 2021 60 mins

The topic this episode is a true inspiration to the creation of We, the 90s - not only a 90s legend but also a podcasting legend: Kevin Smith. Thomas reports on the Film/Geek-culture icon  and how he got started in the 90s.

0:00 - We Are the 90s
8:25 - Kevin Smith!
11:55 - "I'm not even supposed to be here today"
25:25 - "Fly, Fat Ass, Fly"
29:33 - "Your Mother's a Tr...

Mark as Played
April 4, 2021 69 mins


**This episode was recorded in November 2020**

Let's get it on! David takes the ring in this next episode to tell us all about the hit show Celebrity Deathmatch. The history behind the characters, top fights and top characters are discussed. Also spontaneous human combustion. Check it out!

Apologies for the rain and microwave noise about 13 minutes in. South Florida.

Become ...

Mark as Played
April 3, 2021 61 mins

We're all different people, but one thing that most of us 90s kids have in common is our undying need to unabashedly murder the shit out of our loved ones through the sacred tournament that is Mortal Kombat. Join us this week as we dive deep into Midway's famed series that stole the souls of so many well(ish)-behaved kids. From games to film... Round 1... podKast!

0:00 - We are the 90s

2:40 - MK 1-3...

Mark as Played
April 3, 2021 83 mins

Listen up all you Barneys, Bettys and Baldwins - this week listen takes us to 1995 and the release and influence of the cult classic movie Clueless! I want to put "as if" in this decription but I still don't know how to use it, so.... Paul Rudd's in it. Fuckin Ant-Man baby. Check it out!

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Mark as Played

You've read the name - now listen to it in all of its glory! We take you back through our entire 1st year of episodes in a trivia showdown that rivals Jeopardy.

Except none of us rival Trebek, the show itself is not quite as good, and it involves David.

0:00 - We Are the 90s

5:16 - Trivia Rules (spoiler: everyone forgets them)

10:47 - Ep 1: Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem

Mark as Played
November 28, 2020 73 mins

Do you like shopping? Do you like malls? Do you like learning? Nerd. Just kidding! But download our latest episode where Jolene takes us back to the dawn of The Mall of America in the 90s!

0:00 - We Are the 90s
6:10 - The history of the Mall of America (just one America, people)
29:29 - "Funtrivia" aka how much crap fits in the mall?
52:15 - What's it doing today? (Same. It's a mall.)

Mark as Played
November 18, 2020 63 mins

Last week - we came back. This week - Backstreet's back. Alright... Listen in as our newest co-host Lizzy sings, dances, and does that weird Thriller move all the way back to the 90s!

0:00 - We Are the 90s

5:07 - The MF'n Backstreet Boys
6:56 - Backstreet Begins
13:07 - The BSB Craze
24:35 - Backstreet in the 00's
51:40 - Favorite Backstreet Boys

56:06 - 90s Trivia!

Mark as Played
November 4, 2020 55 mins

Yes - we're back. Why were we gone? Mind your own damn business. And today your business is about Beanie Babies! Jo takes us through a nostalgic journey to when people cared more for these babies more than their own. We discuss the rise and fall of Beanie Babies and list the rare Babies that you should be looking for behind that sex swing in your parents closet!

Also, uh, sorry about the audio.

0:00 - W...

Mark as Played
June 10, 2020 71 mins

A wild episode has appeared! It's the Pokémon episode! Grab your balls (of Poké) and listen in as Thomas revisits the globe sweeping "PokéMania" of the 90s.

0:00 - We are the 90s

10:30 - Chapter I: Satoshi Tajiri
14:40 - Chapter II: A Wild Idea Has Appeared!
19:90 - Chapter III: Pokemon - The Game
29:32 - Chapter IV: Pokémon in TV/Movies
31:43 - Chapter V: Gotta Buy Them All, Go...

Mark as Played

Our 1st ever Patreon suggested topic suggested by Amanda Vallone (MN)! Tattoos, symbolic photography, lowriders, pride and change - we discuss the far-stretching influences that two Mexican American men created in the 90s - Mister Cartoon & Estevan Oriol.

0:00 - Change is Coming #RIPGeorgeFloyd #BLM

1:31 - We Are the 90s
3:40 - Estevan Oriol & Mark Machado aka Mister Cartoon!
5:17 - The H...

Mark as Played
May 27, 2020 64 mins

Tell mom to step on the gas because school just ended and the 90s phenomenon POWER RANGERS is blessing our screens at 4:30! Join us as David reports on one of his favorite shows as a kid... before 5:00pm hits and Ricki Lake ruins our lives.

0:00 - We are the 90s
2:46 - Power Rangers intro
13:09 - "Green with Evil"
26:36 - Power Rangers: Zeo
47:25 - Power Rangers (2017)
54:33 - Power Range...

Mark as Played
May 20, 2020 75 mins

1) Get off your ass and stop watching FRIENDS all day. 2) Get back on your ass and listen to us talk about FRIENDS as Jo leads us through some fun facts and heated debates about the show we can never seem to turn off! 3) Return to watching FRIENDS on tv all day.

0:00 - We Are the 90s
1:07 - Friends Intro
18:50 - Our favorite Friends characters
22:57 - Our least favorite Friends characters
29:39 - Favo...

Mark as Played
May 12, 2020 52 mins

School lunch either made you or broke you in the 90s. And if you brought this item in - you were sure to be a GD legend. Grab 2 crackers, cheese, hammy and let's make a sammy as Thomas tells us all about LUNCHABLES!

0:00 - We Are the 90s

1:04 - Chapter I - The Birth of Lunchables

8:58 - Fondest Lunchable Memories
15:10 - Super weird Oscar Meyer Wiener song

15:37 - Chapter II - Do L...

Mark as Played
May 5, 2020 61 mins

We're back with another David-sode and this time... he's on the sticks! But we've got downs... insert other 90s video game sayings... Listen in as he reports on the ultimate 90s friendship builder /destroyer - Nintendo 64!

0:00 - We Are The 90s
0:22 - Episode Intro
2:18 - Nintendo 64 - The History

17:13 - Review of Nintendo 64 Games
17:40 - Review of GoldenEye
20:52 - Review of Mario...

Mark as Played
April 20, 2020 64 mins

We create Podcast. Spielberg creates Dinosaurs. Jolene creates new episode. Dinosaur eats Jolene. Podcast inherits the earth. Couldn't follow that ramble? We're talking Jurassic Park, 90s Kids! Join us as Jolene takes us through a pretty great episode 65 million years in the making.

0:00 - We Are the 90s
4:40 - Topic Intro - Jurassic Park
29:35 - A brief chat about Jurassic Park: The Lost World
49:53 ...

Mark as Played
April 7, 2020 50 mins

We've got just the thing to cure your shelter-in-place boredom sort of.. Host Thomas takes us back to a simpler time where all you needed was a hard surface and some POGs! We talk history, gameplay, and which POGs sucked the most (all of the ones Jolene kept) in this week's episode!

0:00 - We Are The 90s
1:16 - Topic introduction - POGs
1:40 - POGs & Slammers - song by Coast Modern
3:27 - The...

Mark as Played
March 23, 2020 55 mins

David's back at it again dropping 90s report GOLD from the top of his head. He's taking us back to Monday nights in the late 90s - a saga known to all wrestling fans as The Monday Night Wars!

0:00 - We Are The 90s Intro

0:47 - Topic Intro
1:23 - The Birth of World Championship Wrestling
10:24 - The Monday Night Wars
14:47 - The New World Order
23:36 - Sting
29:49 - A Stone Cold I...

Mark as Played

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