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Wealth In Overdrive Podcast

The Wealth In Overdrive podcast was created to bring you real-life, strategy-based, and proven concepts to help clear the fog surrounding the traditional way of doing things, and break through the limitations of what people have been taught to believe. Every Monday tune in as our hosts and nationwide speaker Phil Bodine and his son Hari breakdown proven financial strategies they have been teaching for over 30yrs. Get a glimpse of what it's like behind the scenes building a successful family legacy, and how others like you navigate the inevitable highs, and lows, of growing real wealth with less risk, fewer taxes, and no fear of Wall Street. Whether you're just trying to get started on the right foot or want to take your 7 figure wealth to 8. We're here to give you the ACTIONABLE financial strategies you need to break through and reach the level of success you want to achieve. Subscribe to the show, and get even more resources at www.philbodine.com


August 30, 2022 21 mins

Do you feel your 401K is a good investment? D you feel you have control of your money stored there? Do you honestly know how it actually works... Or do you simply contribute because everybody else does?...

Listen in as Phil and Hari break down the true concepts of a 401K and a new perspective of how to look at its performance. 

Financial institutions push these products for their own benefit. Learn how you can max...

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The Millionaire Next Door is one of the most well-known financial books that’s ever been written. It’s sold millions of copies and is on every list when you Google “best personal finance books.” Despite its acclaim, I had a deeper reaction the first time I read it.

But here’s the thing: some people love The Millionaire Next Door. They love saving money, putting it into the bank, and watching it grow.

In this episo...

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In the world of personal finance and financial advice. We have a new wave of financial experts given anybody can jump on social media and share their opinion. Due to this. You as the consumer need to be able to tell the difference between Good Financial Advice and Sounds Good Financial Advice. 

In this episode, join Hari Luker as he breaks down the basic concepts and what to listen ut for versus what you should run away fr...

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What are the first words you think of when it comes to life insurance? Most will say death, cost, scam... The list goes on!

However many say these reasons are due to misinformation, bad experiences, or lack of understanding and interest.

In this educational episode, Phil Bodines breaks down the top 10 reasons why people don't/won't buy properly structured life insurance.

He breaks down the myths...

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Andrew Updyke CFA, MBA joins us today representing Westbusys economic team.

Andrew and Westbury have been quoted by Bloomberg for many years as the countries leading economic resource. Also recommended by most financial advisors in the country as the most read and most shared economic content.

Andrew shares his insight as we have clients coming to us daily with concerns about the current economic situation as we ...

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Financial Institutions want you to feel they have your best interests at heart. They push financial products to us all day long with the support of government-sponsored plans well.

Your host today Hari Luker breaks down how to take typical financial products and help support them with a secured strategy to help generate more wealth for you and your family.

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more about ...

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When talking about life insurance you know 2 types. Term insurance and Whole life insurance or Permanent Insurance. But did whoever you purchased your policy from demonstrate the benefits of the 3rd option?

Listen in as your host Hari Luker talks about the 3rd option and how it can be the exact option you may have been looking for at the time and how it can lock in benefits for the future.

Go To https://www.phil...

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May 5, 2022 9 mins

Most people think of monthly premiums when thinking of the "cost" of life insurance. That's only one of the 3... And it's the cheapest cost. Discover the other 2 and a new way how to calculate how much life insurance you should get with 1 very simple equation.

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more about the concepts we stand behind to help grow your wealth instead of always chasing a rate ...

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March 30, 2022 18 mins

In episode #6 Hari and Phil run through the 9 Core Principles for Financial Success

If you've ever wanted the road map of what it takes to reach financial success. Then this episode will over-deliver. Listen in as Phil breaks down the 9 core principles to financial success he has seen proven time and time again through his 30-year career in the industry.

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more abo...

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March 30, 2022 11 mins

In episode #7 Hari and Phil break down the question - What builds more wealth?

  1. Taking more risk
  2. Getting a higher rate of return
  3. Decreasing the costs to build wealth

If you ever want to stump your accountant. This will do it. Sit back and listen as your hosts use simple math to show you what it really takes to build more wealth

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more about the concepts mentio...

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In episode #5 Hari and Phil break down the surprising similarities of a ROTH IRA and a Traditional IRA.

If you ever want to stump your accountant. This will do it. Sit back and listen as your hosts use simple math to show you that a ROTH and IRA aren't that different and what market conditions plus tax rates you'd need to have one outperform the other.

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more...

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In episode #4 Hari and Phil reveal the 4 secret rules of all financial institutions. Every day we use banks to store, save, grow and protect our money. But have you ever stopped to really look and see how they control our money? And how do the banks themselves use your money to make their money?

Listen in and discover why it's important to do as the banks DO... Not as they say!

As elementary as some of this ...

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February 16, 2022 28 mins

In episode #3 Hari and Phil reveal the top 8 unintended financial mistakes Phil sees clients making when they first meet him! They take a deep dive into all 8, discussing psychological reasons as to why people do it, and how they can all be prevented.

After sitting with thousands of clients over 3 decades. The avg person is making 5-6 of these 8 mistakes. How many are you making? Tune in today!

Go To https://www....

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February 14, 2022 9 mins

In episode #2 Hari talks about why we finance everything we buy. Find out why financing isn't just about using banks, and how it plays into the lost opportunity cost of your current and future wealth, and more! Tune in today!

Go To https://www.philbodine.com/401K to learn more about the concepts mentioned in today's episode.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves here ta the Wealth In Overdrive Podcast. Please just take a few minutes and discover who we are, what we're about, who this show is for, and how you can use this information practically!

This material is for informational purposes only. Statements of future expectations, estimates, projections, and other forward-looking statements are ba...

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