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July 20, 2021 56 mins
Donovan Taylor Hall is a youth advocate who believes in the power of positive self-talk, growth mindset, and gratitude. His mission is to help kids build positive relationships with themselves through curriculum and content creation.  Listen to this week’s episode with Donovan and learn some of the ways he anchors his why and how it helps him overcome moments of doubt, frustration, and judgment. If you are tired of toxic positivity, tune in! This conversation is the real deal on how to do heart-centered work without losing yourself in the process. Episode highlights:  (06:35) - The power of why and how to anchor yourself to the superpowers of commitment. (11:20) - Donovan’s absolute dream: “I want to have kids choose me as a teacher”. (13:51) - The 3 superpowers Donovan would give to every kid: Gratitude, positive self-talk & a growth mindset. (16:57) - How to use curiosity for healthy and compassionate self-growth (Be curious, not judgemental!). (22:17) - How to give people an opportunity to develop their personal worth beyond rejection. (29:51) - How to receive hard feedback, recover after messing up, and create your inner sanctuary of safety  (39:48) - Burnout and martyrdom: Finding different ways to do things while taking care of yourself.  (46:34) - Accepting rejection, building a callous for “NO”’s, and why self-help is such a growing industry.  (52:07) - Two critical things to take away from this conversation: Energy transferring and looking for support to ground you back in.  (56:29) - What is toxic positivity? The purpose of good and bad and how to recognize it with maturity. If you’re wanting to implement ideas you heard, visit for the top tips and tools, full transcripts, quotes, videos, and additional resources from each episode.
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