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August 3, 2021 50 mins
In this episode of What the Fundraising Podcast I talk to the funny, unapologetic, and super authentic Jennifer Pastiloff. Jen is a yoga teacher, coach, and writer of the book On Being Human. Jen and I talk about how to quiet your inner a-hole, #shameloss, and how to keep an abundance mentality both in fundraising and in life in general. Join in this fresh, honest conversation, I promise Jen’s transparency and sense of humor are unmatched! Episode highlights:  (01:52) - Who is Jennifer Pastiloff? On being a writer and finding her way out of misery through words, yoga, and overall humanness.  (05:12) - How to quiet your inner a-hole, offer compassion to yourself and find the ridiculousness in the mean voices in your head. (09:44) - The brilliant idea of shame loss and how fundraisers can put the shame down (at least for a day). (17:39) - Abundance mentality, transparency, and no sugar coating: How Jen shifted her life around after Covid. (25:45) - There’s a lot of money in the world! Giving people the chance to help and getting rid of the scarcity mindset. (26:49) - Fundraising is not an ask, it’s an offer! (32:43) - Is shame holding you back from becoming your true self? This is what Jennifer Pastiloff says you should do.  (41:44) - Visibility, vulnerability, and doing an audit: Jennifer’s No Bullshit Motherhood and how to get away from unnecessary demons. (43:57) - Talking to ourselves and doing yoga to quiet your inner a-holes. If you’re wanting to implement ideas you heard, visit for the top tips and tools, full transcripts, quotes, videos, and additional resources from each episode.
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