What Then Must We Do?

What Then Must We Do?

Is there any hope at all of building and maintaining a free society? If so, how? If you are among "the remnant", this might be the show for you. See blog & discussion at: www.bretigne.com


May 31, 2023 61 mins

I speak with Jeff Tucker about his recent article, "Downton Abbey, the Corruption of the Great Families, and the Future of Freedom."

We talk about Downton Abbey, its insights into the role of the "great families" in a free society, and also the massive transfer of wealth and power - from private to public - that took place during the period chronicled by the show, and which continues in spades in the 21...

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The Rogue Food Conference starts today, so I thought it would be a good time to share my conversation with Niti Bali - the "high priestess of the pasture", according to Joel Salatin. 

We cover a lot of ground in this one, from the centralization of food, medicine, and most other important aspects of our lives, to the difference between religion and morality, and the legitimate role of experts in society. 

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Goldbacks are shiny! But what else makes them special? I ask founder Jeremy Cordon.

We talk about the practicalities of Goldbacks, how they are made, how to use them, and how to know they are what they say they are. We talk about why Goldbacks are legal, and how they are different from other atempts at implementing sound money. And Cordon points out that these bills go a long way to solving the age-old problem of divisibility into s...

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I speak with Kevin McKernan about the recent Project Veritas video in which a Pfizer employee claims that the company is contemplating directed evolution experiments with the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Kevin walks us through the reasoning behind his view that we are already witnessing a massive directed-evolution experiment in the real world, as a result of the medical interventions introduced in response to Covid-19.

We ...

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December 20, 2022 71 mins

The story that free markets are soulless and materialistic is one of the most damaging narratives in our culture. In this episode, we take on that narrative, both in theory, and in practice.

I am very fortunate to have been joined by Joyce Brand for this episode. Joyce is co-author of the book "Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men", based on the work of Spencer Heath. She is also one of the founding resid...

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We all know it's "one big club, and we're not in it..." but we also know it's not quite that simple. What happens when things start to go not so well for the "club", and the members start fighting with each other?

Tom Luongo explains - in plain language, for those who might not be following these folks as closely as he is - his view on the infighting that's happening right now. We t...

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October 6, 2022 75 mins

I talk with Benjamin Abelow, author of "How the West Brought War to Ukraine."

Ben explains what's wrong with the narrative you'll hear on TV about this conflict, and gives a brief rundown of the decades-long history that led up to it. We then talk about the psychological and financial incentives that drive the war machine, and he gives his thoughts on the Nord Stream pipeline attacks, and what we might ...

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There is a sense of urgency to the medical freedom movement these days. With everything that has happened over the past two and a half years, it often feels like our work is cut out for us - and we will never get through it all.

That feeling of overwhelm can be paralyzing.

Fortunately, there are people like Susan May to help us!

Susan is an incredibly grounded and productive person who, through her "...

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I talk with writer Starr O'Hara about her journey to anarchism, her latest book "How to Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact)", and the work we can each to do to "conquer ourselves" so that we can move forward.

We also talked about her upcoming re-launch of a group she has started to support like-minded freedom folk actually get stuff done. The group is called "Extremists Being Awesome&...

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I was interviewed by Susan May, the founder of “RiseUP with Susan May” and the RiseUP community, and creator of the Facebook group “Gather and Get Moving with Susan May”, a "...safe place for medical freedom advocates to connect and be inspired to action."

Susan and I talk a little about my own history, and about my experience fighting medical tyranny while in the hospital with our daughter. We also talk about my...

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April 20, 2022 48 mins

I speak with Wayne and Kathy Hicks of Liberty Dollar Financial Association, about Liberty Dollar's history, and its rebirth as a Private Membership Association.

If you're looking for solutions to state-controlled money and financial systems, and if you're not entirely sure that Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) is the answer, then you need to listen to this episode. Liberty Dollar's new incarnation is tru...

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I spoke with Markus Allen, founder of XClave, a few months back, about his radical concept for creating independent private towns, including plans for an independent currency. At the time, I fully intended to post the episode in a timely manner.

Then our family decided to move out of California, and the next few months were a frantic blur.

Now, nearly 5 months later, this particular episode is more relevant than ...

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Joyce Beckett is an Oxford-educated professor of literature who will be teaching a class in English and Irish literature for Freogan Fellowship Learing - the education arm of the private membership association that I recently started.

Here, Joyce speaks about the experience of poetry as a bulwark against the cultural and spiritual "colonization" that is the effect of mass media and culture.

Most of Freo...

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I've recently started posting on Substack. (You can see my stuff here.) A lot of what I'm posting are articles and blog posts that I wrote many years ago, but that are still (sadly, in many cases) very relevant today.

This is one of them. I wrote it at Christmastime five years ago, and it is even more true in today's world.

Following my piece is my husband, reading the timeless "Rules of Chris...

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Mike Colomb and his wife Vanessa have been building their own Private Membership Associations, and are now working to help others build theirs. From sustainable food production to education and healthcare, the Colombs are helping to rebuild the crumbling edifices of state-dominated systems. I talk with Mike about what PMAs are, why they are not subject to statutory law, and how they work.

Learn more about Private Membershi...

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November 26, 2021 76 mins

I speak with Sheriff David Hathaway, of Santa Cruz County, Arizona, about accountability in government (or the lack thereof), immigration (his views may not be what you expect), and the power of the sheriff.

Learn more about Sheriff Hathaway here.

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October 29, 2021 66 mins

UPDATE: A seismologist has replied on my Twitter thread about this episode, and you can see her comments here.  (As I mention in the episode, I had written to four different seismologists before speaking with Brent, asking for their take on what he has to say, but had not received a response from any of them.) I'm guessing there will be some back and forth here for a few days at least, and I'll post my thoughts after that...

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I was on "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" last week, talking about my new venture: The Freogan Fellowship Ministry. (It's the first interview here, although you might want to stay on for the second one  with Dave Ridley, about the New Hampshire secession bill!)

We talk about the mission of Freogan Fellowship (rebuilding the foundations of civilization for free men and women), the origins of th...

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In this episode, I speak with long-time liberty hero and entrepreneur Jeff Tucker, about his launching of the Brownstone Institute in response to the worldwide authoritarian response to Covid-19, and why the Institute's efforts are so needed now.

We also talk about one of the primary - but little talked about - driving forces behind racial segregation and the eugenics movement: Fear of infectious disease, and the beli...

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Only days after publishing a study comparing long-term health outcomes of vaccinated children to those of unvaccinated children, Dr. Paul Thomas had his medical license suspended by the Oregon Medical Board. 

Jeremy Hammond's latest book tells Dr. Thomas' story, but is really about much more: Hammond builds the context within which the persecution of Dr. Thomas arose, and in doing so, tells the story of today&ap...

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