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April 28, 2024 40 mins

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Melissa Rosenberg, executive director of the Autism Society of Maryland (AUSOM) joins the latest episode of the What’s Happening MoCo podcast to mark the end of Autism Acceptance Month (April). According to Rosenberg, nearly 1 in 43 children received an Autism diagnosis in the state of Maryland. Her organization, AUSOM, provides free guidance and resources to assist people with Autism and their families. In addition, the podcast hears from the County’s Autism Voucher Program which provides financial support for services critical to students with Autism and their families.

During the informative episode available today, Rosenberg’s colleague Kristen Letnick, resources coordinator for AUSOM, shares her experiences serving people impacted by Autism as a person diagnosed with Autism. Her unique perspective and extensive history as a counselor added value to the discussion which covered topics such as how to identify people with autism, when a family should have their child diagnosed, and the characteristics associated with the condition.

To hear the full interview, listen to the What’s Happening MoCo podcast via a podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music (ask Alexa to play the What’s Happening MoCo podcast), iHeartRadio, TuneIn and others. The video version of the podcast can be viewed on the What’s Happening MoCo Facebook page or on the County Cable Montgomery, Xfinity channel 996, RCN 1056 or Verizon 30. 

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