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September 27, 2022 54 mins
Ep. No. 69  —  A battered, bloodied, police officer proves her mettle during the January 6th insurrection on the U.S. Capitol / Officer Caroline Edwards, U.S. Capitol Police (USCP). Officer Caroline Edwards of the U.S. Capitol Police’s First Responder Unit reported for duty on January 6, 2021, along with her colleagues, with little warning from her supervisors about the clear and present danger of extreme violence and the potential use of firearms from the angry pro-Trump mob descending on the Capitol that morning. Officer Edwards is believed to be the first law enforcement officer injured by the rioters as she attempted to protect the west front of the Capitol. But despite being knocked unconscious, suffering from a concussion, and getting bear-sprayed and pepper-sprayed, Edwards recovered enough to rush to the aid of her fellow officers who were in grave danger from the violent crowd. This June, Officer Edwards testified about her ordeal before the Select Committee investigating the January 6th attacks. In this dramatic interview, Edwards describes what happened on January 6th and her long and painful recovery from her injuries and trauma. And she reveals how she always wanted to be a police officer but held back for years from fulfilling her dream because she thought she wasn’t physically up to the job. She certainly proved her mettle and learned just how tough she is on the day of the riots. I’m so grateful to Officer Edwards for sharing her incredible story of courage and resilience and those of her fellow officers. They rushed to her aid on January 6th, and she, in turn, reciprocated in full measure to help save them, despite her severe injuries, when they were overrun by the violent mob intent on overturning the results of the 2020 presidential elections at the behest of outgoing-President Donald Trump. If you would like to donate to the U.S.Capitol Police Memorial Fund, please click here. Thanks so much for listening!   Helpful Links: 👍 Please Subscribe and give me a Thumbs Up! 🎙️ 👂Contact Chitra & Podcast Platforms 🎙️   If you liked this episode please, check out these other great episodes! 🎙️When It Mattered: Ep. 56. Retired cop learns his job has just begun / Thomas Manger, USCP Ep. 66. Distinguished diplomat reclaims her narrative / Marie Yovanovitch, “Lessons from the Edge” 🎙️Techtopia: Ep. 1. Technology is fueling conspiracy theories / Joseph Coohill, Professor Buzzkill Ep. 2. How should the USG fight domestic terrorism and radicalization? / Anne Speckhard, ICSVE Ep. 5. Women and the alt-right/white nationalist movement / Seyward Darby, Author, Sisters in Hate Ep. 8. Countering QAnon, human trafficking, and disinformation-extremism / Anjana Rajan, Polaris Ep. 9. Journalism, fake news, and the disinformation era / Marcus Brauchli, North Base Media Media   Connect with and Follow me at 🌐 LinkedIn: 🌐 Twitter - 🌐 Instagram - 🌐 Facebook -…   Other Helpful Links: ✍️ SWAAY: 🌐 Website: 🌐 Website:
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