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May 15, 2024 70 mins

Eric is French, born and raised in Paris where he lived and worked as a business journalist until Michael and he left for Malta.

Michael is American by birth (born in Hollywood, Florida) and became French while living in Paris. An HR Executive for 2 very large conglomerates, Michael has moved around a lot for his companies and traveled the world. 

He and Eric decided that life was too short to pass up a move to somewhere warm, and sunny yet still close to Eric's family in Paris. They decided to move to Malta in 2014 and opened a couple of rental properties before restoring an ancient property to become a boutique hotel, Senglea Suites.


  • Eric Tenin and Michael Salone discuss their move from Paris to Malta.
  •  Reasons for choosing Malta as their new home.
  • Climate, expat community, LGBTQ+ acceptance, language, and local economy discussed.
  • Integration and acceptance of foreigners, cost of housing, and living expenses explored.
  • Various aspects of living in Malta covered: taxes, cost of living, the impact of expats, rental properties, quality of life, healthcare system, services, amenities, food prices, transportation, infrastructure, proximity to the airport, and low crime rate.
  • Gun laws and safety, cultural differences, honesty, safety for women, homelessness, challenges, access to goods/services, obtaining visa/residency, buying citizenship/residency, and cons of living discussed.


  •  Malta is popular for expats due to its warm climate, English proficiency, and LGBTQ+ acceptance.
  •  English is widely spoken alongside Maltese.
  •  Diverse expat community, particularly in areas like Senglea.
  •  Housing is expensive, with rental prices ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 euros for a two-bedroom apartment, and home prices averaging around 1 million euros.
  •  Gun ownership laws and cultural attitudes differ from the US.
  •  Malta is considered safe with low crime rates.
  •  Homelessness is not significant due to cultural/legal factors.
  •  Limited access to goods/services like Amazon Prime.
  •  Obtaining a visa/residency is expensive, and may require meeting financial criteria.
  •  Considerations for relocating include lifestyle preferences, language barriers, and access to amenities.

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