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In Windshield Time, hosts Arry (@arryinseattle) and Dae (@luggageDonkey) and their guests discuss money and bitcoin (BTC) as they affect humans in areas like: investing, community, work, family, entrepreneurship, side hustles, the internet, marriage, cannabis/weed, guns, religion, politics, and the new new age digital economy. We will experiment a little. Meanwhile... Please share Windshield Time, and give us a shout with your shiniest 5star ratings, comments, and questions about what you’d like us to explore. Thank you for listening y’all! #togetherWeRise #stackSats... Show More


Rated G!

"Tim Draper’s Best Learnings about Bitcoin from the Seattle Alternative Investments Conference #ALTSSEA2019”

Super psyched to have gotten lucky with an opportunity to get an impromptu interview with the Legendary Tim Draper while he was attending the Seattle Alternative Investments Conference #ALTSSEA2019.

Our exclusive disclosures/disclaimers read by Dom at Coinme.

If anyone wants a copy to use or customize, then DM Dae @LuggageDonkey on twitter.

In less than 8min we were able to get his best learnings, thoughts, and opinions about Bitcoin.

It was some super helpful ideas he had.

* How to make anyone feel safe buying bitcoin

* Where you can safely buy bitcoin

* It is the best SoV (Store of Value)

* A very easy to understand Anti-Seizure example of bitcoin

* What is the amazing unbroken security that bitcoin offers?

* If you’re a criminal, use USD cash (dirty fiat)

* The best technical talent in the world is going to bitcoin

* A example use case perfect for bitcoin and cryptoassets: micropayments

* Future back office infrastructure

* A final wrap up about what Jessica (our rookie from s1ep33) should do with her bitcoin

We have FOUR AMAZING sponsorships!


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Blockchain as a Service

They no hate bitcoin and other blockchains or other projects.

All Humans are Welcome.


Washington Technology Industry Association

The Blockchain Council

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Dae already took the alias “satoshi”, so no one else can take it!


ou can check out our past episode with our bitcoin rookie friend Jessica here:

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