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August 11, 2022 24 mins

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On today’s show, our guest is Stephanie McCullough the founder and financial planner with Sophia Financial. She has been named one of the top advisors on Investopedia for the second year in a row and today we’re going to focus on stay at homes moms. Just because your household has one financial earner, doesn’t mean you do not get input in the financial decisions. 

Through twenty-five years of experience, Stephanie has encountered women delegating financial decisions to their partner, or they were treated badly by an advisor, or they ignored their financial power altogether. Now, she’s on a mission to serve the female market more efficiently. 

Unfortunately, our culture seems to only value monetary gains, and stay-at-home mothers have been systematically disadvantaged when it comes to financial planning. Caregivers are caregivers often for a financial decision to save money. Join us on today’s show as we break down this topic and discuss how women can stand up for themselves when it comes to their financial plans. 


We will explore the following and much more: 

·       Sometimes stay-at-home mothers feel like they don’t have a say in the financial decisions. (7:01)

·       Starting the conversation by budgeting your finances. (12:19) 

·       Financial opportunities you should be aware of when leaving the workforce. (13:42)

·       Why it’s so important for stay-at-home moms to have life insurance. (17:26) 


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