WOW Love Light Inspire the podcast

WOW Love Light Inspire the podcast

Are you a woman who likes to think? A women who wants to know more? More about how others tick and what makes them tock? Are you inquisitive, a lifelong learner, maybe spiritual and want to know more about what makes us all work? Well WOW- Love Light Inspire, the podcast is for you. Hi I’m Lorene Roberts, your host, and I am all of these things. I’m a mum of 3, grandmother of 4, a woman with lots of run on the board, I’m an emotional and sexual abuse survivor and extremely passionate about self-development and making positive change not only in my life but also in the lives of other women. I’m a root cause therapist, working with women find the root cause of the trauma that has affected their lives. I'm a change advocate and action mentor to women who want to transform their life. This podcast is especially for women who want to learn and know more, more about life, and I want to take you on a journey so you can learn more about why people do the things they do, more about anything interesting, if that is you, then this podcast is for you. We will be having open and frank discussions, I will be talking to you about topics I'm passionate about and also speaking with Inspirational women, women who are industry leaders and experts in their field from around the world who are truly inspirational and some months there may be coffee chats with a group of women all discussing their opinions on a particular topic. All the discussions, interviews and coffee chats are going to be on different topics that affect most women at some stage in their life from love, relationships, trauma, our bodies and sex to empty nesting, and starting again after divorce. Our guests stories will be revealing, they will be raw, honest, and heart felt fascinating conversations that may help you understand yourself, others around you, or simply how the world works and it may give you ideas on how to navigate the challenges of life in general. New episodes are released every 2nd Friday, so if you enjoyed them please share and subscribe and leave a review so we will know what's your thought about the discussions and topic.


June 8, 2023 57 mins

Are you ready to cut through your stuff and find the root cause of your past traumas?

In this week's episode of Wow  Love, Light, Inspire the Podcast, host Lorene Roberts speaks with Caroline Alexander about narcissism. Lorene shares her personal experience with narcissism after her ex left her, and how she now sees it everywhere, even in close relationships. Dr. Caroline provides insights into the characteristics and behaviors...

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Are you experiencing hidden trauma? Learn how to identify and cope with it in this insightful episode of  Wow Love, Light, Inspire podcast

In this episode, Lorene Roberts talks about trauma - what it is, how to deal with it, and its effects on your body. It's a must-listen for anyone who has experienced trauma or wants to learn more about it. 

Lorene is a root cause therapist from Australia and she brings a wealth of knowledge a...

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Are you struggling with trauma or know someone who is? 

In this episode, Loren Roberts speaks with author Christine Howard about her book "Hoping with Suicide, Signs We Missed and Strategies to Use in the Aftermath." Christine shares her experience dealing with the loss of her child to suicide, and how she copes with the pain and grief that comes with it. She discusses the "what ifs" that often plague p...

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November 25, 2022 31 mins

Shadow personality is the conscious or unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you have to protect yourself. The things you do in order to feel safe.

So when we talk about shadows, it's the part of yourself that you don't acknowledge. So there might be some things about yourself that you feel really confident about and then there are other parts of your personality where it feels like no one around you seem...

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EFT is a structured, non-intrusive, goal-focused form of therapy that can be practiced by anyone.

 The process can help you overcome problems with weight, eating and cravings, and anxiety.

In this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire The Podcast, we talk with Naomi Janzen all about EFT... What is EFT? And the science behind it? 

Find out in this episode!

You will learn in this episode!

  • What is EFT and how can i...
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November 11, 2022 55 mins

Pranic Healing is a powerful technique of energy healing that works to stimulate and revitalize your body's own innate healing ability.

In this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire The Podcast, we talk with Margaret all about pranic healing. What is pranic healing? Is it for everyone? How is it effective? Find out in this episode!

 Margaret. J. Scott now practices helping people from being overcome with anxiety and teaches to facil...

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November 4, 2022 23 mins

Understanding beliefs is the key to understanding how people think and behave, and how they know their world in general. 

Beliefs are learned from family, friends, and culture, so by understanding someone's belief system you begin to understand their background. 

Understanding beliefs will help you better appreciate what motivates a person's actions, words and feelings.

In this episode of  Wow Love Light Inspire the Podcast,...

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Have you ever stopped to think about what spirituality means to you? Well, today we are talking with a friend who has a very cool interpretation of that word. 

She is his own kind of spiritual teacher, and she’s sharing the story behind how she’s managed to walk her talk and live her spirituality in every aspect of her life. 

Narelle Carter will help you connect your inner and outer beauty. Her feet were firmly on a spiritual path af...

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October 21, 2022 45 mins

Join our host Lorene Roberts as she talks to Maria Di Pietro from Jump on board travel a qualified wellness travel specialist located in Greenvale she had her business for over 20 years & works with domestic and international travel. 

Being able to travel the world and see different cultures is a fantastic thing. It’s hard to describe how incredible it feels to take a step back from your daily routine and experience something ne...

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October 14, 2022 29 mins

Are you trying to manifest something into your life, but don't know where to start? Listen to learn what it means to get into action and manifest something that you've been dreaming of.

Wow, Love Light Inspire the Podcast is dedicated to helping women dive into positive thinking exercises that will help get them motivated, turn their dreams into reality and start making progress towards achieving their goals.

Join our host ...

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Are you a woman who has experienced abuse and domestic violence? Are you ready to walk away from the abuse, but you need help?

After experiencing abuse you may feel alone. You may feel helpless and not know where to turn. But there is hope for you. There are people who can help.

Christine A Malek our guest on this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire, talks about Abuse & Domestic Violence and will teach us to be SASSI wome...

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September 28, 2022 55 mins

Have you ever experienced having a part of your body swell? Ache? Tight skin feeling? Numbness? These are some of the symptoms of Lipoedema, and many women experience this without knowing it is not normal.

Megan Pfeffer, our guest on this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire, talks about Lipoedema, the swelling brought on by the body's accumulation of lymph fluid. The function of lymph nodes is similar to that of a sink's dra...

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September 22, 2022 38 mins

Are you a woman experiencing perimenopause? or perhaps you know someone who experiences menopause? Over 70% of women over the age of 40 will experience dryness. We are living much longer than generations before us. Moisturising is one of the components of ensuring we thrive and soar rather than wriggle and scratch our way through midlife.

Sandy Davies, our guest on this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire, opens up about the symp...

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September 15, 2022 28 mins

Lorene Roberts the host of this podcast and she shares her own personal story explaining why it is important to know yourself better than anything else in this world!  

To know yourself is to know 

1.     who you are, at your core, including all your good points and all your shadow sides too

2.     what you like and what you don’t like, so you have choices in your life too

3.     where you want to go in life so you have a dir...

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September 8, 2022 57 mins

Are you eating right? Have you been watching the food you eat? Or are you the type of person who likes to eat what they only want without caring if what they eat could be good or bad?


Jenice Walters, our guest on Wow Love Light Inspire this week, shares her journey to eating healthy from eating whatever she wants. She is a type 2 Diabetic, and in her younger years, she didn’t see that as the queue to eat healthily, take into modera...

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Does the current state of your relationships ever cross your mind? We may not always notice, but we're always changing and growing as individuals. It is only about how you are changing the course of your relationship with them.


Sharron Brandon, our guest on Wow Love Light Inspire this week, shares her knowledge of the science of relationships to help couples build their own unique "couple bubble." Sharron employs her...

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Did you ever wonder if there's ever a way for you to see visions to guide you with your destiny? Or maybe something that could help you understand and embrace who you are? 

Welcome to Wow Love Light Inspire Podcast. This episode is about spiritual guidance, where our guest, Vibecke Garnaas, will speak about how the spirits gave her visions of her future and kept her on track with how she wanted to live her life.


3:16 ...

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Lorene Roberts spoke to Eleanor Ward a "Woman of Wisdom" about following her childhood dream of creating a print magazine.   
Have you ever had an un-pursued dream? Or are you working towards your dream? 
No matter how old you are, it's never too late to pursue your dreams.
If you're feeling stuck in a rut, or you’re unsure of what you really want to be doing with your life, then this episode is for ...

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August 11, 2022 57 mins

Not being understood, or feeling like you don't fit in with everybody? Maybe you also have an older soul like Tammy De Mirza, our guest for this episode.

Listen to this week's episode of Wow Love Light Inspire as Tammy shares her life having an older soul, how she managed to fight the battles in life that she encountered, and how she's now making a way to help people like her.


2:58 - When my life a...

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Lorene Roberts speaks to Ludwina Dautovic, a true woman of wisdom in this week's episode of Wow Love Light Inspire as our guest, the inspirational Ludwina Dautovic, shares her journey from leaving home at 16, running multiple different businesses over the years, then, through finding herself  she goes on to becoming a successful artist, a skill she didn't know she had, at the same time establishing a new successful busine...

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