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May 13, 2022 56 mins

Storytelling is such an important skillset for business, for life. Compelling storytellers are also riveting artists. To me, listening to a powerful story told by a skilled storyteller changes my mood and helps me to laser focus on the matter at hand. 

Voiceover Pam Wood has become a specialist in narrating Audio Books. Prior to playing full-out in the Audio Book space, Pam was formerly in the broadcasting field, and later moved into the corporate and non-profit arenas. Now Pam is back in the voiceover and storytelling space, and has become rejuvenated with as much enthusiasm and joy for the work.

Listen in as Pam shares secrets of not just the power of voice mastery, but also how her passion of ballroom dance classes enhances her storytelling. Here's how to find Voiceover Pam Wood, to learn more.

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