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September 7, 2022 47 mins

Hailing from New Jersey, this recent college graduate shares her experience of being a very shy and not that confident of a kid but leaned on doing as many things as she could and always wanting to succeed at all of them. Karate, piano, guitar, soccer and eventually joining track and field, Kayla Park speaks on how she learned to power through and keep believing she would succeed in the end. While she always loved and still enjoys being very active, Kayla soon realizes her young love for art and that personal and more freeing, therapeutic hobby would lead her to change her major from Pre-Med to something that made her happy and she really enjoyed. 

Kayla shares how she went through the college decision and application process all wrong and advises her younger self on what to do differently. She believes college rankings really don’t matter and that it’s truly how you spend your time at college that’s important. Kayla Park speaks directly to current college freshmen, comforting them to not fear a whole new environment, to remember they are not alone, and to take on change and not be afraid of change - even if that means changing your major and changing your friends. 

Kayla talks about internships, inclusion, underrepresented communities, and giving back to those less fortunate than you which is exactly what she did and continues to do. And she authentically opens up to her high school, college, and young professional peers encouraging them to be true to themselves which is something she always struggled to do until college. 

Age and experience led her to gain confidence and find computer development, coding, and design. A determined Jersey kid who found her way. Walk in her shoes and gain a lot of ground. 

Guest Bio:
Kayla Park is currently a Junior Associate of Manual Labor Studio where she does web development and design after graduating from Colgate University with a 3.8 GPA, involved in several clubs and is a walk-on athlete for the track team where she majored in Computer Science and minored in Art and Art History.

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